What an Honour

A few weeks ago my friend, Jeanne, emailed me the call for submission for a Portraits Show at the Center for Fine Art Photography. I submitted 3 photos to the show and was completely blown away when I found out I got in. The juror for the show is the amazing photographer, Mary Ellen Mark, and I am so honoured that out of 2500 submissions she chose one of my images. Wow. I also found out that only some images are hung in the physical gallery, the rest are in their on-line gallery, and my picture will be put up in the actual gallery. I keep on asking Roger to pinch me.

I took this photo on our trip to Cambodia. The children we visited at each orphanage were incredible but I found the children at this particular orphanage really touched my heart. It is very difficult for children with disabilities to get the shelter and care they need in Cambodia.  A few weeks before we visited them, they had a bad fire and lost pretty much everything they had. The organization we were there with, First Hand Volunteers, went and visited from Singapore right after the fire to give them funds to buy the children wheelchairs and other necessities they had lost in the fire. Despite all these children have gone through, they were so strong and remarkable to be around. I was so touched at how they looked after each other and worked together effortlessly. We are only as strong as the community that surrounds us and it was never more true than with these children. We are all stronger together. Definitely.


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