Lisa & Patrick’s Engagement Photos

Lisa & Patrick are absolutely lovely to be around. Patrick has a bigger laugh than I do (and my laugh is pretty crazy) and Lisa has such a gentle heart. These two fell in love in high school and they are still very much in love all these years later (which is soooo great to see). We had such a fun time getting to know Lisa & Patrick better during their engagement photo shoot. They wanted the fall colours in their portraits and we were happy to comply with their wishes. We really enjoy shooting in the fall when the light is all soft and gorgeous.

A few days after their photo shoot Lisa emailed me the following kind words which really warmed our hearts:

“Pat and I would like to thank yourself and Roger for taking our engagement photos.  You both made us feel at ease infront of the camera and we enjoyed the experience very much! We’re so lucky to have you and Roger photograph our wedding for us next year!!”

Thanks so much, Lisa & Patrick, for a fantastic engagement portrait session! We had oodles of fun with you two and we’re so so so glad that we were able to help you feel comfortable in front of our lenses. We can’t wait for your wedding. We’re going to have a ball, for sure!

Holly & Roger

Lisa & Patrick's Engagement Photos, Union Photographers, Vancouver Wedding Photographers

Patrick & Lisa's Engagement Photos, Union Photographers, Vancouver Wedding Photographers

Lisa & Patrick's Engagement Photos, Union Photographers, Vancouver Wedding Photographers

Lisa & Patrick's Engagement Photos, Union Photographers, Vancouver Wedding Photographers

We love how they make each other giggle! So cute!!

Lisa & Patrick's Engagement Photos, Union Photographers, Vancouver Wedding Photographers

Lisa & Patrick's Engagement Photos, Union Photographers, Vancouver Wedding Photographers

Lisa & Patrick's Engagement Photos, Union Photographers, Vancouver Wedding Photographers

This is my favourite shot of Roger’s of the session. Isn’t it dreamy?

Lisa & Patrick's Engagement Photos, Union Photographers, Vancouver Wedding Photographers

Lisa & Patrick's Engagement Photos, Union Photographers, Vancouver Wedding Photographers

Lisa & Patrick's Engagement Photos, Union Photographers, Vancouver Wedding Photographers

Lisa & Patrick's Engagement Photos, Union Photographers, Vancouver Wedding Photographers

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  • Christina Leung

    on November 7, 2010  10:31 pm

    Very beautiful scenery. The pictures are gorgeous. My daughter and future son-in-law look so wonderful together.

  • suzanne macintosh

    on November 8, 2010  8:07 am

    what a beautiful couple. Fantastic shots in the trees. My favourite is the black and white photo...very well presented!!

  • Marilou Anciano

    on November 8, 2010  11:28 am

    Beautiful pictures. I like one where they were in the middle of the trees--I think it is the best. Dreamy.

  • K. Anon

    on November 8, 2010  11:29 am

    Wow! These pictures are stunning. this is an image of two people who are truly in love! wonderful!!!!!

  • Tess Yap

    on November 8, 2010  11:33 am

    Gorgeous pictures. My Son is so handsome, must have got it from me lol. My future daughter in law is so beautiful. I love all the pictures, especially the final ones with the city in the background.

  • nermin

    on November 8, 2010  11:39 am

    beautiful pics!! i loved the black and white photos! you both are very photogenic!!

  • Christine

    on November 8, 2010  11:43 am

    I love these pics!! Makes my brother look much better than in real life! haha The picture of you guys in the forest is BEAUTIFUL! Can't wait to see the wedding pics :)

  • Sharon

    on November 8, 2010  4:59 pm

    It's so great to see your fun moments captured here. I especially like the pictures where you both are laughing together because that's the way you guys really are together! Can't wait to see the rest of your pictures!

  • lisa Scott

    on November 8, 2010  5:15 pm

    beautiful photos, good light, good compositon, just gorgeous

  • Grace

    on November 8, 2010  5:32 pm

    Oh my my my!!!! You two are perfect! These pictures are indeed very symbolic. I specially like the shot where Patrick is "dragging Lisa" by the hand in the forest. Beautiful inspiring! Love you both!

  • Julia Mark

    on November 8, 2010  5:37 pm

    Love the engagement pictures of you two. Pat looks like Ross. just joking. I love the two pictures at the very beginning and the two pictures in the forest. Love love them..

    You guys are very complimentary to each other. Gorgeous couple. Can't wait to see more pictures

  • Jenn

    on November 8, 2010  6:12 pm

    aww looking these beautiful pictures is making me tear up.. i think when the real wedding comes im gonna to cry like crazy. Lise and Pat look so great together :)

  • Yanting

    on November 8, 2010  7:54 pm

    You two looked georgous! Love all the pictures!

  • Ed Bernardo

    on November 8, 2010  10:03 pm

    Love these photos! Perfect lighting, nice back drops and composition. Nice work.


    on November 8, 2010  10:45 pm

    Great looking pictures! Contrast and colors worked well. I also liked the B&W photos. Looking forward to see the wedding photos.

  • Melie w

    on November 8, 2010  11:07 pm

    sweet pictures composed of Two very sweet people. Makes my tooth hurt from sweetness ;) ouch. I need to see the dentist tomorrow. My favourite one is also the enchanted forest .

  • joyc

    on November 9, 2010  6:06 am

    Wow!! I love the pictures....especially the black and white. You guys look perfect together. Time goes by so fast!

  • Albert Choy

    on November 9, 2010  8:43 am

    I knew Christine would love the pictures of the Pat and Lisa in the forest (probably reminded her of "Twilight"). Beautiful engagement pictures...great mix of genres from school girl crush to dreamy Cafe moments and romantic walks and antics in the forest. Perfect pictures for the perfect couple!

  • Dominic Sy

    on November 9, 2010  8:51 am

    Looking good guys!

  • Ian

    on November 9, 2010  9:35 am

    Great pictures! Casual but classy! Pat, you should have gone Jacob in Twilight! haha

  • Chris Yap

    on November 9, 2010  11:01 am not go shirtless. You will make Jacob look small...NOT! j/k. Kidding aside, these are very very nice pictures. If this CA / Nursing thing don't work two can get into modeling. =)

  • Emma Carter

    on November 9, 2010  3:15 pm

    Lovely photos...and what a wonderful couple! (Now I know why Tess and Paul are such happy and proud parents!)

    Looking forward to viewing the Wedding pics...

  • Jerry

    on November 9, 2010  10:46 pm

    Thanks for keeping things PG for me! Dr. Gilbart was right Pat, you are a lucky guy!

  • Jeff Bozzard

    on November 10, 2010  5:02 pm

    Congrats Ross & Liza! Good pictures, you didn't close your eyes once!

  • Paul and Steph Anciano

    on November 10, 2010  9:56 pm

    Nice pictures; very well done with the natural shots and autumn tones

  • Jon

    on November 11, 2010  1:01 pm

    Fantastic pictures! Really highlights the two of you as well as the green and gold of fall!

  • Connie W

    on November 11, 2010  3:04 pm

    Beautiful photos, beautiful couple, beautiful scenery can't wait for your wedding.

  • vitzca

    on November 11, 2010  9:39 pm

    Aww! So adorable!!!! it gives me giggles too! :] I love the picture when Patrick and Lisa were walking next to each other! can't wait for the wedding pictures!

  • Nigel Nguyen ^_^

    on November 11, 2010  10:17 pm

    Abercrombie & Fitch called, they want their models back! You both look great and the photographers did a fantastic job capturing the love. I love the autumn colors and light. We are very excited and looking forward to your big day.

  • Kyle

    on November 11, 2010  10:57 pm

    The pictures look awesome! You two look perfect for each other! Can't wait to see you guys join the "married-couple" club soon.

  • Jacob

    on November 12, 2010  8:58 am

    Love the photos, especially the ones in the forest.

  • Joanne

    on November 12, 2010  9:05 am

    Beautiful pictures! You both look absolutely gorgeous in the pictures.. so natural! Love the scenery! Can't wait to see you both at your wedding :)

  • Barb Rand

    on November 12, 2010  9:45 am


  • Leslie

    on November 12, 2010  10:35 am

    wow! both of you are so photogenic! Love the pictures, I see the love and happiness you two have for each other in them!!! Your wedding will be so magical :)

  • Mikel

    on November 12, 2010  2:59 pm

    those are some really amazing pics. You look like a couple in love. Awesome!

  • Erika

    on November 12, 2010  3:26 pm

    You guys look great! I can't wait for your wedding!

  • Stephanie Hung

    on November 12, 2010  4:01 pm

    You guys look sooooooo goooood..I love you outfit Lisa

  • Jennifer Zee

    on November 12, 2010  4:23 pm

    Such lovely photos! You can totally see how much Pat & Lisa love one another. The shot in the woods is very Twilight-esk, brownie points for that :) Looking good!

  • Jeraldine

    on November 12, 2010  4:24 pm

    I don't think Patty's giggling in that one picture. He looks like he just made fun of Christine and me.

  • Sarah Wilson

    on November 12, 2010  4:39 pm

    HOW ROMANTIC!! What a beautiful couple Pat and Lisa make and such gorgeous settings for the pics!! LOVE IT!

  • Siobhan Gallagher

    on November 12, 2010  5:00 pm

    Those are beautiful photographs, so many special moments are captured!

  • Nancy

    on November 12, 2010  9:23 pm

    Your photos are amazing! I love the colours and you both look so cute together! Can't wait for your wedding :)

  • Amanda

    on November 13, 2010  12:19 am

    Your photos are so beautiful!! You guys look so amazing!!! I can't wait to see more!

  • Roy Ng

    on November 13, 2010  6:24 pm

    I didn't know you cleaned up so nice, Patrick! You and Lisa look great together in these pictures. Great choice of locale too. Congrats!

  • Katelyn

    on November 13, 2010  10:34 pm

    What a beautiful couple! Can't wait to see more pics=)

  • Tena Chu

    on November 14, 2010  6:23 pm

    Awesome pictures!! Looked through the entire album twice! You guys are very natural and relaxed. Like your photographers :-)

  • Joan Ko Leong

    on November 15, 2010  9:48 am

    You guys look amazing! Love the pic in the forest !!

  • Paul Yap

    on November 15, 2010  11:52 pm

    Wow ! How romantic....

  • Gary Kiang

    on November 16, 2010  9:59 am

    The pictures are beautiful!! What a perfect couple.

  • Char

    on November 16, 2010  12:12 pm

    I love these pictures. You're such a beautiful couple! I really like the pictues in the forest. :)

  • Joy

    on November 17, 2010  3:48 pm

    wow legs Lisa!

  • Cyrstal

    on November 17, 2010  10:48 pm

    Gorgeous pictures! I like the intimate moment the pic caught. You two look so sweet. Congrats!

  • Ant

    on November 17, 2010  10:58 pm

    love them all.. what type of lens(es) did u use?

  • Jim & Cheryl Bozzard

    on November 18, 2010  3:27 pm

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos with us. We love the pictures in the forest. Congratulations, we are very happy for both of you.

  • Ginger

    on November 19, 2010  1:31 am

    Nice pics! Especially the one of you guys in the forest! So dreamy and romantic hehe...can't wait to see the rest of your pictures!

  • Chester

    on November 19, 2010  1:33 am

    What're getting married?!?!? What about Rachel? Seriously though....nice pics slick. CONGRATS!

  • hele

    on November 22, 2010  12:08 am

    soooooo pretty... luv the scenary and the forest. A match made in heaven. so happy for you guys!!

  • Karen

    on November 25, 2010  1:53 pm

    LOVE the pictures!! You both look amazing, especially love the tall dramatic trees. Great location! Can't wait for your big day :)

  • becky

    on December 25, 2010  4:35 pm

    didn't know about these pictures till today, bec your mom, who usually keeps me updated on happenings never even mentioned it....strange... anyway beautiful pics, beautiful couple, my favorite is the first picture/slide. can't wait for the wedding pictures.

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