Becky & Josh’s Engagement Session Under the Neon Lights

On Tuesday night last week we headed downtown to meet up with Becky & Josh for their engagement shoot under the neon lights on Granville Street. Becky & Josh are a really lovely couple and so much fun to be around.  We met with quite a few couples for their wedding day this June, which is unusual for us. Roger turned to me one day and said that we just hadn’t met the right couple yet having their wedding on that date. When Josh first sent us an email inquiring about our services we knew that they were the couple. Their email was so sweet telling us about themselves and they even sent over some cute pictures of themselves. Here is a quote from Josh’s email so you can see what we mean:

“Our wedding is sure to be a little off kilter, very fun, and very colourful. We think you guys would be perfect for our wedding, as we think capturing the candid moments are far more important than the formal, traditional posed photographs. We want our wedding pictures to reflect who we are as a couple and to show how fun and joyous our wedding really was.”

YES! Sign us up! We were super excited when they hired us.

For their engagement session we met up with Josh & Becky outside the Commodore Ballroom where Josh proposed to Becky. To hear more about their proposal story watch the slideshow below where Roger and I do our best to tell their story. Please forgive the occasional distortion on the recording – we need to get a better microphone that can handle Holly’s laugh!

Here are a few of our favourite photos from the session. To see more from the session watch the slideshow.

Thanks so much, Josh & Becky, for a great engagement session. We can’t wait for your wedding!

Holly & Roger

A goofy/serious pose and a tweak of Josh’s mustache.

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  • Barbara Nielsen

    on May 3, 2011  12:28 am

    You have done a wonderful job for my grandson and his fiancee. I am so glad that they chose you.

  • Tristen Abraham

    on May 3, 2011  4:03 pm

    These photo's are awesome! My favourite one is where they're outside the Commodore Ballroom! It's perfect with the busker on the side and the "It's About The Music" poster. You guys are too cute! haha

  • Sophie

    on May 3, 2011  4:07 pm

    wow, amazing photo set. You guys really captured the essence of Josh and Becky. It was also lovely to see a slideshow with some words from the photographers about the shoot and about the engagement story. I love all the lights, the composition, the perfectly captured looks between Josh and Becky. Soo beautiful, I was almost tearing up. :)

  • Rheanne

    on May 3, 2011  4:09 pm

    For anyone that knows the couple, these photos just scream "Josh and Becky"!! What a wonderful job!

  • Romi

    on May 3, 2011  4:14 pm

    These are perfect photos for a perfect couple!

  • Ronnie B

    on May 3, 2011  4:16 pm

    Amazing photos...whoever took these has a great eye!!!

  • Zack L

    on May 3, 2011  4:33 pm

    These photos really captured Josh & Becky in a wonderfully unique light. The composition and the subjects are beautiful. You've done an amazing job for seriously awesome people!

  • Jason K

    on May 3, 2011  4:49 pm

    Very nice pics you two! Congrats again!

  • Julie H

    on May 3, 2011  5:54 pm

    Wow! These photos look great! Congratulations!

  • Casey M

    on May 3, 2011  8:07 pm

    These pictures are great!!! Watching the slideshow, hearing about Josh & Becky's engagement again and then seeing the end result of their pictures is awesome! Great work!!!

  • Chris Modisette

    on May 3, 2011  9:44 pm

    Wow, these pictures are absolutely excellent. Cute couple, great backdrops. So excited for you two! :D

  • Mia and Dan S

    on May 3, 2011  10:34 pm

    You have captured such beautiful photos of Becky and Joshua. I can't wait to see the photos of the wedding. I have watched Joshua grow from a darling little boy to a strong confident,handsome young man. Becky you impressed us the moment we met you. Becky you came into the family with such grace,maturity and lots of fun. :o) We are so very pleased that you found each other. Congratulations to the both of you. We love you both .

  • Hannah Vis

    on May 4, 2011  12:15 am

    Wow...beautiful photo shoot. It truely speaks to who Josh and Becky are. I cant wait for the wedding! you guys!

  • Paul B

    on May 4, 2011  1:25 am

    Wow, incredible set of photos! The story of the engagement is indeed an outrageous one! Should be an incredible wedding between two awesome people.

  • Amy Beatty

    on May 4, 2011  6:17 am

    These pictures are so beautiful and sweet. What a great idea!

  • Jenny

    on May 4, 2011  8:09 am

    I cannot believe how well you've captured the beauty of this couple. They seriously make me happy and your work brought a tear to my eye. Their wedding is something I will be celebrating with ruthless abandon!!!

  • salah

    on May 4, 2011  10:33 am

    I dont know who these crazy kids are but they made me believe in love again!!

  • ivy

    on May 4, 2011  10:38 am

    great photos. the first one is my favourite. you really did a wonderful job of capturing this lovely couple's happiness :)

  • Chris E.

    on May 4, 2011  10:49 am

    Wow ... in so many ways!! As Josh's dad I am biased in so many ways but this is not about the best son in the world! Your photo's have forever captured their engagement story, the Commodore, Cafe Crepe and Granville street. As well as capturing the memory of their engagement you have captured who they are as a couple. I look forward to their wedding day and seeing what I am sure is to be fantastic wedding photo's!!!

  • Marc

    on May 4, 2011  10:49 am

    Fun pictures, the first one is brilliant.

  • Crispin

    on May 4, 2011  10:50 am

    Really lovely job of capturing a moment in the lives of a really cool couple.

  • Allyson

    on May 4, 2011  10:50 am

    These photos are so lovely. I especially love the story behind the location of the shoot. Cheers to Josh and Becky!

  • Wes

    on May 4, 2011  11:15 am

    Great pics. Nice meeting you briefly at the photoshoot on Saturday at Coachella this year. Congrats to you and Becky! Very fun pics!

  • Sublime

    on May 4, 2011  11:24 am

    beautiful photography for a beautiful couple. all the best

  • Jennifer

    on May 4, 2011  11:30 am

    Very nice pics. First one is fantastic!

  • steve

    on May 4, 2011  11:43 am

    great photos!

  • Mike

    on May 4, 2011  11:49 am

    Beautiful girl

  • Heidi

    on May 4, 2011  11:50 am

    Lovely pictures -- you've done a terrific job capturing their personalities in these!

  • Jeff

    on May 4, 2011  11:54 am

    Fantastic photos of wonderful people. Great series.

  • Courtney

    on May 4, 2011  11:56 am

    Aw, Josh and Becky are such a cute couple. I love these photos!

  • Fax

    on May 4, 2011  11:56 am

    Absolutley beautiful photos! You guys are so awesome, I wish I could have talked to you both a bit more this year at Coachella but Congrats again!

  • Hannah F

    on May 4, 2011  12:09 pm

    You two are so unbelievably adorable, and these photos are lovely. Congratulations!

  • Sheila

    on May 4, 2011  12:13 pm

    Gorgeous photos, congratulations!

  • Drew

    on May 4, 2011  12:34 pm

    These photos are beautiful and show the fun and joy of this amazing couple. Congratulations!

  • Becca

    on May 4, 2011  12:53 pm

    Goodness...what adorable pictures of one of my favorite couples! <3

  • Brad Davis

    on May 4, 2011  1:06 pm

    LOVE these photos. Casual yet romantic.

  • Jason T.

    on May 4, 2011  1:11 pm

    These photos are pretty fantastic. Congratulations!

  • Chris Marron

    on May 4, 2011  1:18 pm

    Great shots of a great couple.

  • Max G

    on May 4, 2011  1:24 pm

    Great job capturing the fun and romance that is so widely expressed by this couple

  • Ron C

    on May 4, 2011  1:28 pm

    I have known the kids for a couple of years now. They deserve only the best and some free pics is what they really deserve from you I think. Keep up the good work for our future newly weds. Cr****

  • Audra

    on May 4, 2011  1:40 pm

    Beautiful photos, you guys make an adorable couple. :)

  • Skip

    on May 4, 2011  1:43 pm

    Beautiful shots...They are so cute.

  • Lee

    on May 4, 2011  1:55 pm

    These are great. I can easily see these photos being framed and hung up for all to see. Congrats!

  • Geno G

    on May 4, 2011  4:18 pm

    Great shots... You guys are a great couple.

  • HTD

    on May 4, 2011  5:01 pm

    Wonderful photos of a truly adorable couple... Congratulations!

  • Carla

    on May 4, 2011  5:38 pm

    OMG....these are such awesome shots, right around my favourite part of Vancouver. I wish I had such great pictures with my fiancee!

  • Barbara

    on May 4, 2011  8:11 pm

    These are soooo flippin cute!! You two rock. Have fun!!!

  • mike ivankay

    on May 4, 2011  9:00 pm

    Beautiful shots of an awesome couple. So looking forward to seeing the wedding pictures.

  • Henry

    on May 4, 2011  9:00 pm

    Wow. These photos are just wonderful! The tinting and background mirror your eclectic personalities and show the love you have for one another.

    Congratulations and all the best in your new life together.

  • Kylie-Ayn K.

    on May 4, 2011  9:15 pm

    Wow, these photos are incredible. You guys did a fantastic job. I can't wait to see the wedding pictures! Congratulations, Josh & Becky!

  • James

    on May 4, 2011  9:20 pm

    These photos are great! You're gonna have some adorable kids!

  • John

    on May 4, 2011  9:30 pm

    Fantastic photos! Such a wonderful story and such lovely pictures to go with it.

  • Gregorio AK

    on May 4, 2011  9:50 pm

    These are great, awesome style..

  • Joann

    on May 4, 2011  9:56 pm

    Truly beautiful photographs of a very beautiful couple.
    Good Luck, Josh and Becky.

  • Portia

    on May 4, 2011  10:00 pm


  • Beverly Draper

    on May 4, 2011  10:15 pm

    The bond that is shared between Josh and Becky can actually be felt through these photographs!

  • Matt

    on May 4, 2011  10:43 pm

    These photos are amazing. Makes me want to get remarried so this team could take the pictures... Oh, to the same woman of course.

  • Dan S

    on May 4, 2011  10:47 pm

    B&J, Congrats on your engagement and may the fouth be with you both thru a long, happy and prosperous marriage! Love the shots the UP has done here and look forward to the wedding shots!

  • JorgeC

    on May 4, 2011  10:50 pm

    These are amazing photos! Great job and congratulations Becky and Josh!

  • Brandon

    on May 4, 2011  11:22 pm


  • Brittany J.

    on May 5, 2011  12:54 am

    Way too cool. Awesome photos Becky (and Josh)!!

  • Warren HM

    on May 5, 2011  8:02 am

    What a loving couple! The real deal! Josh isn't too hard on the eyes either!

  • Karen Nielsen

    on May 5, 2011  3:18 pm

    I love that you captured the love and uniqueness of two of my most favorite people!. Can't wait to see what you do at the wedding.

  • scott

    on May 5, 2011  4:25 pm

    wow, these photos are amazing!

  • Karina Halle

    on May 5, 2011  4:56 pm

    Love it - Josh and Becky are an amazing couple and this showcased them to a tee!

  • Kath

    on May 6, 2011  12:22 am

    Awesome pics guys! Very you.

  • Michelle

    on May 6, 2011  8:35 am

    Becky and Josh never and I mean NEVER fail to amaze me with just how awesome they are. I mean really, these pictures are fantastic and they show just a portion of how in love they are. It almost makes me wonder who's love is love for them, or their love for eachother... ;) I honestly have never seen 2 people more in love then these 2. I am so blessed, lucky whatever you want to call it to have them in my life. PIctures are beautiful, I mean look at what you have to work with. Couldn't get anything other than beautiful. Love you guys!! <3

  • lizard

    on May 6, 2011  1:24 pm

    great photos!

  • Tiff

    on May 17, 2011  5:20 pm

    Lovely photos! Such a cute couple.

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