Nicole & Bas’ Engagement Session in East Vancouver

Nicole & Bas are awesome. We seem to have so much in common with them. They’re a little goofy (I hope don’t mind me saying that, Nicole & Bas!) like we are. They love to travel too. Nicole & Bas met backpacking in Mongolia and on their wedding¬† invitation there is a picture of them drinking beer out of plastic bags in the back of a tuktuk. Looking at that picture makes us want to go back to south east Asia.¬† Nicole & I both love to cook – she’s gotten me hooked to Smitten Kitchen and we both love our European men (Bas is Dutch). There are also some strange coincidences like how Nicole saw these photos of my sister and brother-in-law and realized that Bas has the same t-shirt as my brother-in-law. Needless to say, we have lots of fun together. When we started to plan their engagement photo session Nicole said that they wanted a grungy look to their engagement photos since their wedding will be in the forest on the Sunshine Coast. Nicole suggested that we head into East Vancouver for the session which we happily did.

Thanks, Nicole & Bas, for an entertaining photo session. We’re really looking forward to your wedding.

Holly & Roger

Another likeness between us is that when we asked Nicole & Bas to walk a little slower, Bas started walking like this which is exactly what Roger does when I tell him he is walking too fast!