Charlotte & Tim’s TeaHouse in Stanley Park Wedding

Charlotte & Tim’s wedding at the TeaHouse in Stanley Park was a beautiful & intimate day. We really enjoy photographing smaller weddings where the couple is surrounded by their nearest and dearest. Charlotte & Tim are just so great together. One thing that we really love about this lovely pair is their fantastic sense of humour. We spent most of our time with them laughing like crazy. The other thing that we love about Charlotte & Tim is that they forbade their guests from taking any photos, punishable by death. Charlotte really doesn’t like it when there are cameras & guests taking photos in professional wedding photos. We loved it because it definitely made our job easier and you know what? I feel that the guests were much more in the moment of Charlotte & Tim’s wedding day & just enjoying themselves. When you are taking photos you remove yourself from that moment so it was great to see all the guests relaxed and having a great time.

Charlotte & Tim were hoping to have their ceremony at Ferguson Point however it was booked out by another couple. So they had their ceremony on the lawn beside the TeaHouse instead which worked out really nicely. Tim’s Dad performed their wedding ceremony which was very touching. Charlotte’s mom created all of the flowers for their wedding which was amazing. Charlotte’s bridesmaids looked so pretty in their bubble gum pink dresses. I think I can safely say that all of Charlotte & Tim’s guests had a great time from the delicious dinner to the yummy drinks to the dancing through the night.

Thank you so much, Charlotte & Tim, for having us play a part in your wedding day. It was an honour to share your wedding with you. Congratulations!

Holly & Roger

Charlotte looking absolutely gorgeous as Emily Cheng does the final touches on her makeup

Tim surprised Charlotte with a gift of pearl earrings

Isn’t Charlotte stunning?

Tim’s Dad performed their wedding ceremony which was so wonderful.

I love these photos of Tim trying to get the ring on Charlotte’s finger …

… and of Charlotte putting the ring on Tim’s finger!

Mr. & Mrs.!

I love the photo of Tim signing with such flair and seriousness!

Roger loves this photo that I took of Tim & Charlotte on a trail in Stanley Park

Tim’s best man is absolutely hilarious, as you can tell from his expression in this photo.

Charlotte’s mom did a beautiful job on the flowers, don’t you think?

All of their guests had so much fun

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  • Tim

    on August 31, 2011  9:59 pm

    You guys are so great! Thanks for all your hard work and amazing artistry.

  • Erica

    on September 1, 2011  9:56 am

    The photos are fabulous!! Holly and Roger - you are the best! It was an amazing day. Congratulations to Charlotte and Tim.

  • Stacey

    on September 5, 2011  3:56 pm

    Great photos! I love all of the candids, plus the bride/groom shots.

  • Ali F

    on September 7, 2011  11:09 am

    Gorgeous photos!!! I LOVE love love the ones on the beach by the boat! Congrats you guys - looks like everyone had such a great time!

  • Heather Williamson

    on September 18, 2011  4:24 pm

    Pics are very elecgant and professionsal. Like the symetry and color - very artsy! Wish we could have been there to share with the family too...looks like everyone had a good time.

  • Patti Malcolm

    on September 21, 2011  11:51 am

    It was great to see the pics of your special day! You both look so happy! Congratulations again!

  • patsy

    on October 19, 2011  5:58 pm

    wow the photos are amazing, how is it everyone is so photogenic? The weather was perfect too. Congratulations!

    WOW Beautifull photos and how is it everyone is so Photogenic?

  • shizuko kline

    on October 19, 2011  6:21 pm

    great photo at the beach. Really well done.

  • joshua kline

    on October 19, 2011  6:30 pm

    I never realized how many good looking people there are in this world. Next time I get married I sure will know which guy with a camera to call. Each photo manages to bring out the best in the subject, to capture the essence. Good show!


    on November 13, 2011  4:49 pm

    i'm so happy to seee the wedding photos which are exquisite. i really like the novel set ups and the artful framing of the scenes, with varying focus details. the pictures really have been artfully mastered and of course there was beauty there to begin with, and some shots have really beautified the original scenes and boy isn't that what we would all like to see in our pictures. photographers Holly and Roger, you are skilled and gifted and your capturing of Tim and Charlotte's Wedding Day and creating these beautiful visual memories that will last forever are a gift which we may all cherish together. Thank you so much for giving of your selves in such an appreciable way. Best wishes always. A

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