Hornby Island Dreaming

What a wonderful time we had on Hornby Island on our mid season break. We always have a lovely time every year that we go there. It is a magical place for sure. It takes three ferries to get there from Vancouver and I find that we unwind more and more as each progressive ferry gets smaller to get there. It was so great to relax and unplug for the week. We had deer in our backyard most evenings. We caught up with our dear friends. We soaked up the sun on the beach. We played games and acted silly. We took lots of photos with a bunch of cameras – a 5D, a Hasselblad and of course, the iPhone. It was just the break that we needed to recharge our batteries. Parts of us wish that we were still there.

Holly & Roger

The cabin on Hornby

We played croquet in our PJs

We walked barefoot in the sand

I was giddy shooting with our Hasselblad again

Here’s the photo I took oh Whaling Station Bay right after Roger took the photo of me above

Here is Roger’s photo of Whaling Station Bay he took with a 5D

Our playmate in the early evening

I loved taking these portraits with the Hasselblad. It was nice to slow down, take a light reading and then only take one frame of everyone.

The littlest one had fun drinking her milk out of the measuring cup

and running away from me when I was trying to take her picture.

While the biggest one had fun making a bow and arrow

Another one of my Hasselblad photos. I love how the light bled behind the dark slide.

Always so fun to poke around in tidal pools

I love how Roger snapped this photo of me taking a light reading for our favourite ladies’ portrait

Here’s the portrait I took with the Hasse

And here’s Roger’s portrait he took with the 5D

I love these portraits Roger took with the 5D

Aren’t the girls so gorgeous? They are just as beautiful on the inside too.

We had much silliness on a rainy night playing Quelf, dancing jigs, singing songs and doing the splits.

When we were about to leave Roger put the camera on timer so we could get a photo of all of us together. Love.