Marie-Claire & Andrew’s Whistler Wedding

Marie-Claire & Andrew’s Whistler wedding was phenomenal. It was our first time photographing a wedding in Whistler and we really enjoyed having new locations and views to photograph. It is just so pretty there. Two things that we learned from working in Whistler is that it is pretty windy and there are lots of mosquitos. Thanks, Sinead, for saving me from being eaten alive!

Marie-Claire & Andrew are a lovely couple. When we were heading to the church, Our Lady of the Mountains, I asked Andrew why they decided to have their wedding in Whistler. He said that they wanted a destination wedding that was still close enough to Vancouver so Marie-Claire’s grandma would be able to be there. Marie-Claire & Andrew love Whistler and spend lots of time there so it made sense to them to get married in such a beautiful place. Marie-Claire and Andrew had friends and family fly in from all over the world for their wedding from Australia, the Phillipines, Switzerland, Ireland and on and on. It was amazing to see.

Flowerz as per usual did an incredible job with Marie-Claire & Andrew’s flowers. Their creations were absolutely amazing. We’ve never seen such a beautiful and unique bouquet as the one they made from Marie-Claire.¬†We loved too the gorgeous green bridesmaids dresses that looked like they were from the Mad Men¬†wardrobe. Marie-Claire’s bridesmaids looked so elegant in the Whistler setting.

After taking portraits with Marie-Claire & Andrew and their wedding party around Lost Lake and the Whistler Village, we headed to the Westin Resort & Spa in Whistler for their reception. Marie-Claire & Andrew had their reception in the Aubergine Grill in the hotel so that their guests could enjoy the beautiful deck and stunning views.

One of my favourite moments of the day was when Marie-Claire’s cousin and maid-of-honour, Sinead, gave her speech. In the middle of it she broke out into a dance and then all of their cousins joined in too. It was such a joyful celebration. Sinead told me later that she put a video of herself doing the dance onto YouTube which she sent to all of their cousins so they could learn the dance. Love it!

All in all, Marie-Claire & Andrew’s wedding day was one that we won’t forget for some time. Thank you, Marie-Claire & Andrew, for sharing it with us. Congratulations!

Holly & Roger

The adorable Andrew

Marie-Claire’s stunning dress and shoes

Isn’t Marie-Claire so beautiful?

I’m so glad that we found this patch of wildflowers which were blooming late this year.

Marie-Claire & Andrew had a beautiful first dance.

I love Sinead in this picture, ducking away from the bouquet after Marie-Claire threw it.

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  • Thida

    on September 2, 2011  2:25 pm

    HOT! Love these pics. Can't decide on my favorites.. but definitely the first dance one has got style! Love you both!

  • Caroline

    on September 2, 2011  2:54 pm

    Love the pictures!!! I think it will be hard to choose a favorite. Thanks for sharing them. You looked gorgeous on your wedding day.

  • Jen

    on September 2, 2011  5:18 pm

    Love the pictures! You looked beautiful! I loved all the candid shots.

  • bessie

    on September 2, 2011  6:03 pm

    loved the pictures! wish i was there to witness this grand affair and also to enjoy the beautiful place called whistler!!

  • Abby

    on September 2, 2011  7:26 pm

    I really like the pics Mary! Your photographers did a wonderful job catching the memories of that beautiful day! It makes me laugh at some of the photos my terrible photographer took at my wedding. There are so many great're gonna have a tough time choosing.

  • Marie-Claire

    on September 2, 2011  8:01 pm

    Holly and Roger, your photos are incredible! You did a great job capturing our day and we really enjoyed working with you! Can't wait to work with you again!

  • Andrew

    on September 2, 2011  8:34 pm

    Hey Holly and Roger, we really enjoyed working with you at our wedding and your photographs are awesome! Thanks again!

  • Kendra

    on September 3, 2011  12:07 am

    Amazing pictures! Captured your day beautifully! You looked goregous Marie!!

  • judd

    on September 3, 2011  1:17 am

    A dashing groom, a gorgeous bride, how can the photos go wrong. That aside, the photographers did a wonderful job. Cheers!

  • Cynthia

    on September 3, 2011  5:13 am

    Fabulous pictures!!!

  • Fred and Cecile

    on September 3, 2011  7:39 am

    Looking at the pictures that captured the happy occasion of Marie-Claire and Andrew's Whistler wedding brought back memories of a grand weekend and reunion that was so very meaningful and enjoyable! Kudos to everyone who worked hard behind the scene to make it all come true!!!!!!!!!

  • Marisa

    on September 3, 2011  12:55 pm

    Wonderful pictures - you really captured the energy of the day, as well as all the smiles!

  • Neal

    on September 3, 2011  6:00 pm

    Terrific Pics as usual. These folks got the Holly Roger treatment.

  • Todd

    on September 3, 2011  7:40 pm

    Fantastic photos of you both!

  • Darryl

    on September 3, 2011  11:22 pm

    The photos look great! The photographers definitely did a good job in capturing the most memorable moments of the wedding. Some of the expressions on peoples faces were priceless...

  • Kirstyn

    on September 3, 2011  11:29 pm

    The photo look so nice. I felt like I was there again!!

  • Corey

    on September 4, 2011  3:47 am

    Congrats Mate! Looks like a great Wedding. Fantastic Photos.

  • Mike Underell

    on September 4, 2011  9:49 am

    Great photos! Looks like it was QUITE the event :) I wish you two the best for many, many years to come!

  • Eugene

    on September 4, 2011  10:30 am

    The photographs were amazingly beautiful especially how gorgeous my daughter, Marie-Claire looked and how dazzingly handsome my new son-in-law, Andrew, was captured on the pictures. I was also so amazed how I look on the pictures and now know how great photographers can work their magic. The facial smiles and laughs were incredibe and this album will surely be one to keep forever. I just hope that whoever has videos of Sinead and the flash mob would post it on YouTube and Ellen or Ophray should invite Sinead to their shows.

  • Eugene

    on September 4, 2011  10:34 am

    Sorry about Oprah's spelling on y comment. Finger problem.

  • Menchu

    on September 4, 2011  11:54 am

    Speechless on these wonderful pictures. I love all of them; the joyous moments of Marie Claire and Andrew's wedding. The lovely first dance of the couple was presented with great expressions. The photographers, Holly and Roger, were definitely excellent on taking the shots at the right moment. This is a very special event to be remembered for the rest of my life. Love you both ; Always love, respect and take care of each other.

  • Mylene

    on September 4, 2011  7:41 pm

    Love the pics. The photographers sure did a great job. How I wish I could have been there to share this momentous event. Anyway, congrats MC and Andrew.

  • Jun Lim

    on September 4, 2011  7:43 pm

    Nice pics. Congrats, Marie Claire and Andrew.

  • Melanie

    on September 4, 2011  8:18 pm

    Nice photos! The photographers did a great job in capturing the most wonderful moments.

  • marivic mojca

    on September 5, 2011  4:31 am

    Great pictures! wonderful memories to keep!

  • Rhey

    on September 5, 2011  7:00 am

    Great pictures! I love those stolen shots. The photographers captured the moments worth remembering. Congratulations to Andrew and Marie Claire!

  • Luisa Gumboc

    on September 5, 2011  11:27 am

    I must say I am very impressed with your pictures. The pictures definitely conveyed that everyone did have a fantastic time. See all the smiles on their faces plus the subjects all look good in their photos. The photos captured all the memorable moments..........Tita Ysa

  • Clarisse

    on September 5, 2011  4:40 pm

    What wonderful photos of Marie-Claire and Andrew's special day! Thank you for capturing the magic and sharing it with the unfortunate few who weren't able to attend the wedding. Lots of love from the Philippines and congratulations, MC and Andrew! xoxo

  • Rodin

    on September 5, 2011  7:03 pm

    Beautiful pictures ! Thank you for sharing them...... the venue is great and the backgrounds used on your pictures are are very professionally done !

  • William

    on September 5, 2011  7:18 pm

    The pictures are AWESOME! LOVE the CANDID shots of Andrew, Marie Claire, your DAD, etc. It seems like KODAK monent pictures with those lovely background picked by your photographers. VERY NIce memento of your special day!

  • Marlene

    on September 5, 2011  7:32 pm

    I have three daughters to marry off still and this photography is soooooo wonderful of Marie Clairs and Andrews wedding, that I will seriously consider this photographer. Not only is the existing light photography something else but they were able to capture the faces, the feeling, and the fun of the day. I can't pick just one.....I love them all.

  • Tito Boy

    on September 5, 2011  10:39 pm

    Gorgeous wedding...perfectly captured in the pictures!

  • Paolo

    on September 5, 2011  10:41 pm

    Beautiful wedding pictures cuz....wish I was there....looked like I did miss a lot,eh!

  • Sammy-Jo

    on September 5, 2011  10:45 pm

    Beautiful wedding pictures.....hard to top this one! It was a truly enjoyable and memorable both look great together!

  • Sinead McHugh

    on September 6, 2011  12:44 am

    Holly and Roger, you guys are amazing. Wonderful job, the photos are incredible.

  • Lourdes Ang

    on September 6, 2011  11:39 am

    Beautiful wedding pictures. I enjoyed viewing them. Congratulations Andrew and Marie-Claire.

  • divya

    on September 6, 2011  1:52 pm

    Beautiful both look lovely together......
    Congratulations Andrew and Marie-Claire

  • Tita Boc & Uncle Bob

    on September 6, 2011  5:03 pm

    Lovely pictures...........definitely an unforgettable moments.
    Sinead's speech/performance is priceless!

  • marie minton

    on September 6, 2011  7:24 pm

    Gorgeous couple and Beautiful Wedding! Congratulations!

  • Anne

    on September 6, 2011  7:45 pm

    Gorgeous photos! So many great moments were captured! You both look stunning and the places you chose for taking the photos are beautiful!

  • phebe

    on September 6, 2011  7:49 pm

    The photos give us a sense of the true spirit of the celebration - joy, laughter, and fun! Great job!

  • Lynn

    on September 6, 2011  8:33 pm

    Wow, these are amazing!! Beautiful shots

  • Rodger

    on September 6, 2011  9:10 pm

    Holly and Roger (cool name, BTW): MC and Andrew's wedding was the highlight of my year... and these images capture everything magical about it: the happy couple's absolute love for each other, the joy and happiness of their family, the fabulous wedding party and last but certainly not least the unforgettable and fond memories we all have of Whistler on that day.

  • Toto Erana

    on September 6, 2011  10:37 pm

    The wedding pictures organized and the background of the shots were terrific and impressive

  • Nena Villavicencio

    on September 7, 2011  3:02 am

    Great pictures! Too bad i couldn't make it to the wedding but i definitely feel the love and celebration by just looking at the pics.

  • Colleen

    on September 7, 2011  6:22 am

    WOW, these pictures are amazing!! Excellent photography and gorgeous subjects. Thanks for sharing the pics, M-C and Andrew. I can hardly believe that it's already been a month since the wedding. It brought back such wonderful memories of a perfect weekend at Whistler. Miss you both.

  • rina

    on September 7, 2011  9:17 am

    WOW doesn't begin to describe the beauty that was captured in these pics. Aamazing photography care of the uber talented Holy & Roger..bravo! And MC & Andrew...your day was nothing short of spectacular. Thanks for creating an ambiance not to be forgotten!

  • Peter Q

    on September 7, 2011  10:26 am

    Great photographs. Vividly captures all the wonderful moments and memories of that memorable day.

  • Matt

    on September 7, 2011  7:06 pm

    Incredible pictures!! They do an excellent job of capturing the wedding!

  • Dave

    on September 7, 2011  7:39 pm

    congrats guys! fabulous photos. #epicsuccess

  • Jessica

    on September 7, 2011  9:57 pm

    All the pictures are so beautiful!! There are so many great ones! Congrats Marie Claire and Andrew!

  • Reina

    on September 7, 2011  10:08 pm

    Stunningly beautiful captures! Congrats MC & Andrew!!

  • Stan Dy

    on September 7, 2011  10:15 pm

    Awesome wedding and awesome photographs Mary and Andrew! Your photographers did an outstanding job!

  • Cherry

    on September 7, 2011  10:17 pm

    Every shot was perfect and takes me back to that beautiful day in whistler. You looked so gorgeous, Marie Claire standing next to that stunning hubby of yours!

  • Joanie Dy

    on September 7, 2011  10:18 pm

    Wow! The photographs are stunning! Congratulations once again Marie Claire and Andrew!

  • Lydia Veluz Reyes

    on September 7, 2011  11:02 pm

    beautiful couple! best wishes to both of you!

  • Maha

    on September 8, 2011  4:20 am

    They are beautiful photos! It looked like an amazing day, congratulations :D

  • Millie Q

    on September 8, 2011  6:53 am

    Beautiful pictures. So much memories of that wonderful day. All my best wishes Marie Claire and Andrew

  • Jaime

    on September 8, 2011  2:12 pm

    Great photos! You look beautiful Marie-Claire!

  • Marilou Hernandez

    on September 8, 2011  6:54 pm

    Congratulations Marie Claire and Andrew!! Truly missed the wonderful and fun celebration of your BIG DAY at Whistler with family and friends - beautiful pictures. Best wishes to a life filled with love, joy, understanding and strength!

  • Jolanta

    on September 8, 2011  10:03 pm

    Stunning photos! You two look great, what a beautiful wedding. Congratulations!

  • Abe Inocentes

    on September 9, 2011  7:50 am

    Sorry we missed the wedding. But, thanks to these lovely, well taken pictures, the joy and the love of that special day were felt in our hearts. All the best to the newly weds, Marie Claire and Andrew.

  • Ama Arcy Dy

    on September 9, 2011  4:08 pm

    I love those pictures. Lovely couple and I am very happy for them.

  • Bong & Nerie

    on September 9, 2011  5:53 pm

    Beautiful pictures! Best Wishes!

  • Derek

    on September 9, 2011  8:19 pm

    Your hair looks great. Why did this put us 30 mins back! Schedule, people, schedule.

  • agostinho & dealina brandao

    on September 9, 2011  9:22 pm

    Beautiful photos! We wish we could have been there and joined in all the fun it looked like you all had. We wish you a wonderful married life together. God bless.

  • janine braun(nee brandao)

    on September 9, 2011  9:30 pm

    Wow! What a wonderful album of what looked liked to be a perfect wedding day. I remember playing with a new little baby in Winnipeg,have fond thoghtsof visiting them in B.C. in 1988(especially Flinstone Park!!) and so appreciated Mr. &Mrs. Dy coming out to Manitoba for my wedding three yeas ago. Our families have kept in touch over all the years, but it's been a long time since I've seen Marie Claire. And now look at you! So elegant, all grown up and married. I wish you all the best in your new journey together as husband and wife.

  • bridget

    on September 9, 2011  9:53 pm

    It was a beautiful wedding and a beautiful couple as well. Your daughter looked so lovely in her gown and so was the groom. Thank you for sharing the video. Congratulations to them and best wishes

  • gary dy

    on September 9, 2011  10:20 pm

    I am so glad your destination wedding was so close to home to allow the entire family to attend. The wedding was beautiful, scenery unbeatable, great dinner and best of all, what a wonderful couple. Best of wishes and, Andrew, welcome to the Dy clan.

  • july dy

    on September 9, 2011  10:24 pm

    Andrew and MC, what beautiful photos! Love the wedding dress. Wishing you a wonderful life together.

  • Gilbert

    on September 9, 2011  10:27 pm

    Amazing! Fantastic! Beautiful! That's how those pictures look.

  • Diane

    on September 9, 2011  10:28 pm

    Marie Claire and Andrew, you look so beautiful together. We are so happy to have shared those special moments with you.

  • Corinne

    on September 9, 2011  10:57 pm

    Wow these pictures are gorgeous! Im so glad to have shared this special moment with you!

  • Matina Kokkas

    on September 10, 2011  10:54 am

    Love it! Posted your link on FB for everyone in BC to know how great Union Photographers are!

  • Angela Kokkas

    on September 10, 2011  10:55 am

    Congratulations Marie-Claire and Andrew. I love your pictures - they are so beautiful!

  • amy

    on September 10, 2011  7:38 pm

    The pictures are awesome. Marie Claire, you look beautiful and stunning,and so is the groom. You complement each other. My best wishes to both of you.

  • Radik Gens

    on September 10, 2011  8:38 pm

    Beautifull wedding, wonderfull photos! All the best!

  • Corito Torres

    on September 10, 2011  8:49 pm

    Photography and bakground was great! Wedding was great!

  • Mary

    on September 10, 2011  9:22 pm

    Romantic pictures! The background music, the slide show, and the brief description recreated the joyful atmosphere. Congratulations!

  • Evangeline Torres

    on September 10, 2011  11:07 pm

    Congratulations! You are such a stunning pair. The presentation was so beautiful. Even the still pictures seemed to capture the spirit of the moment. May God bless you with His everlasting love. Cheers!

  • Maria

    on September 10, 2011  11:26 pm

    Love the pics. Great idea to mix the black and white and colour. Best wishes to you both.

  • Eppie Erana

    on September 11, 2011  1:33 am

    Congratulation to both of you! What a lovely couple you make! The photography is awesome! The shots amid the scenic background is breathtaking!

  • itod chikiamco

    on September 11, 2011  6:53 am

    Congratulations Eugene! Everything is so beautiful. Canada is indeed fantastic. Best wishes to the couple.

  • Gerry Dy

    on September 11, 2011  11:08 am

    Looking at all the pics and not being there for this great occassion, its great to see all that were present had a great time. Fantastic pictures great planning wish
    I was there. Love u all!

  • Bill Archibald

    on September 11, 2011  12:27 pm

    Beautiful bride, handsome groom and proud father of the bride! Looks like it was quite a party too! Fabulous photos.

  • Priscilla Pao

    on September 11, 2011  12:34 pm

    Beautiful pictures! Great job in capturing such a lovely couple in these settings.

  • Brian Clancey

    on September 11, 2011  12:38 pm

    These are beautiful pictures. The photographers sis a great job of capturing the moment and the day!

  • Chuck Deen Jr.

    on September 11, 2011  7:01 pm

    What a beautiful wedding! Congratulations to to the lovely couple.

  • Chuck Deen Jr.

    on September 11, 2011  7:02 pm

    What a beautiful wedding. Congratulations to the lovely couple.

  • Justin

    on September 11, 2011  9:33 pm

    Amazing photos! Truly enjoyed your wedding.

  • John Dunning

    on September 12, 2011  8:10 am

    I don't think I have seen better wedding pictures. The Bride and Groom are certainly dashing. The father of the bride can really dance. All the best to the couple.

  • Geoffrey Dy

    on September 12, 2011  8:53 am

    Pictures look great. Thought your photographer was also very patient and great at handling people.

  • Rachel

    on September 12, 2011  10:18 am

    These pix made me cry!! MC, you looked soooo gorgeous! I am so sorry that I couldn't make it to your wedding. These pictures capture what looked like a perfect day. I'm so happy for both of you.

  • Naomi Iscove-Vidal

    on September 12, 2011  11:29 am

    Amazing pictures! What a beautiful wedding. MC, you look stunning!

  • Daniel

    on September 12, 2011  1:05 pm

    Wow - this picture look great guys. Congrats!

  • Daniel

    on September 12, 2011  1:05 pm

    and by this picture, I mean these pictures! :)

  • Jun Mercado

    on September 12, 2011  1:46 pm

    Here's all the best to the new couple. What a lovely couple they are! Gene, here's wishing that you will become a grand dad a year from now at the latest. Have fun. Jun

  • Suji

    on September 12, 2011  1:59 pm

    Love the wedding. It was Suma's first time to BC and my first time to Whistler in the summer and I can't think of a better way to spend it. The pictures are AMAZING! In all the years of knowing MC, I've never seen her happier and seem more put together than watching the happy couple's first dance. Congratulations!

  • Tita Marilen

    on September 12, 2011  6:33 pm

    Congratulations! Sorry I missed the big day. Lovely pictures.

  • Jorge

    on September 12, 2011  7:39 pm


  • Marmi

    on September 12, 2011  7:40 pm


  • Ken G.

    on September 12, 2011  7:41 pm

    Great pictures and lovely couple. Looks like everyone had a great time.

  • sonny and emmy dee

    on September 12, 2011  7:55 pm

    hi Gene and Menchu... MC looked so gorgeous. congratulations to you proud parents. wish i were there to witness this special day with you. Andrew looks so handsome. wonderful couple... hope they have a great life together.

  • Mon Cuartero

    on September 12, 2011  11:53 pm

    Dear Holly and Roger,

    Congratulations for taking such touching moments with your photos! Marie-Claire and Andrew are such a lovely couple; Gene and Menchu are so blessed. Regards and God bless!

  • lorna chikiamco

    on September 13, 2011  8:02 am

    Beautiful wedding. So much happiness and hope. May God bless your marriage and kids later off course. :-)

  • Michelle

    on September 13, 2011  8:08 am

    Your pictures are amazing! Looks like everyone had fun.

  • Richard Chang

    on September 13, 2011  8:57 am

    Congratulations MC and Andrew!!!! A beautiful, gorgeous and amazing setting for a wonderful bride, friend and amazing room mate. The photographs are spectacular and capture the magic of every moment!!! Amazing...and Alice, Jadynn and I will fondly remember our first trip together as a family and attending your special day!!!!

  • Priscilla

    on September 13, 2011  10:57 am

    Congrats MC and Andrew! Your pictures are beautiful. I had a great time!

  • Lawrence

    on September 13, 2011  10:59 am

    Congrats! I really enjoyed being part of your special day!

  • Sarah

    on September 13, 2011  3:25 pm

    I love your pictures! It looks like you had the perfect day!

  • Gene

    on September 13, 2011  7:55 pm

    Astonishing pictures. Here's wishing the happy couple the best of the future.

  • Manny & Lydia

    on September 13, 2011  11:42 pm


  • Manny & Lydia

    on September 13, 2011  11:45 pm

    Beautiful Wedding

  • Manny & Lydia

    on September 13, 2011  11:45 pm

    Gorgeous Bride and Groom

  • Colleen Dy

    on September 14, 2011  9:08 pm

    Congrat's on the wedding, love all the photos. . . looks like you had a blast!!!

  • Bobby Erana

    on September 14, 2011  9:49 pm

    Great photos. Congratulations to Marie Claire and Andrew!

  • Ron Chincuanco

    on September 15, 2011  8:04 am

    More than likely the best wedding pictures I've seen from people I know. Well done Eugene Mabuhay ka. The Best. All pictures are for keeps.

  • Cindy Welkie

    on September 15, 2011  8:23 am

    Amazing photos!! What a wonderful collection of special moments from your special day. Congrats to you both!!

  • CPK

    on September 15, 2011  8:40 am

    Gorgeous wedding! Congrats!

  • Matthieu

    on September 15, 2011  9:09 am

    Amazing pictures. Really impressed. But with such a lovely couple, half of the work was done :)

  • Celeste Munger

    on September 15, 2011  9:26 am

    Such lovely pictures. What a fantastic looking wedding. Congratulations to you both.

  • Guido B

    on September 15, 2011  12:54 pm

    Amazing pictures!! The bride looks absolutely beautiful (the groom of course too:) Looks like everyone had a great time. Congrats to the lovely couple!

  • Christine M

    on September 15, 2011  2:59 pm

    love the pictures! You two look wonderful.

  • Ryan Harrison

    on September 15, 2011  3:17 pm

    Looks like you had a wonderful time in Whistler. I love the pictures of you both outdoors with the beautiful back drop of nature. Congratulations to you both!

  • kirsten

    on September 15, 2011  4:07 pm

    Looks great!

  • Max G.

    on September 15, 2011  4:44 pm

    Great photos - My good looking college buddy does indeed clean up well

  • Ella G.

    on September 15, 2011  5:01 pm

    Beautiful photos of a fun & memorable wedding!

  • Maki

    on September 15, 2011  6:50 pm

    the bride is STUNNING!! these photographs really capture the essence of the moment--bravo to the photographers and congratulations to the happy couple!

  • Cece

    on September 15, 2011  8:00 pm

    These pictures are AMAZING. What a beautiful wedding!

  • Patrick

    on September 15, 2011  8:01 pm

    Fabulous wedding! The pictures just prove how great it was. Congrats guys.

  • John

    on September 15, 2011  8:02 pm

    Lovely couple. Congratulations. The pictures are true art.

  • Audrey

    on September 18, 2011  10:53 pm

    Absolutely love these pics! So beautiful and natural, really amazing and everyone looks awesome!

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