Rosemary & Andrew’s Whimsical Vancouver Convention Centre Wedding

Rosemary & Andrew’s wedding was a whimsical, amazing day. They are a truly joyful couple who are full of love for each other and the beautiful thing is that we could see how much their family and friends love them too. Everyone pitched in to help create all of the gorgeous handmade details for their day. From their fun hand drawn invitations, to the gelato cart, to the props for the photo booth, to the flowers and more, their family and friends all helped making it.  We loved how Rosemary & Andrew put so much thought into every little detail and that they all reflected the couple.

After their wedding ceremony at St. Michael’s Parish the wedding party all jumped into their Fiats. We headed to Main Street so that Rosemary could have her wedding dream come true – to eat at Zipang Sushi! She smiled so wide while we were there. Many of their wedding guests were from out of town so Rosemary & Andrew wanted to show off the beauty of Vancouver  during their reception with the amazing view from the  Vancouver Convention Centre.  The place cards had a button with each guest’s name or nickname (and you know how much I love buttons!). Rosemary & Andrew love to cook so they named each table after a herb. Their gifts to their guests were kits to grow the herb the table was named after along with one of their favourite recipes using that herb.  The speeches through the night were full of love and laughter. I loved how Rosemary’s parents told the couple to hold hands when they have a fight. Roger and I will have to try that!

Thank you SO much, Rosemary & Andrew, for sharing your incredible wedding day with us. Congratulations!

Holly & Roger

Andrew asked the florist to put some Rosemary in his boutonniere. Isn’t that sweet?

You got to love a bride that wears blue suede shoes!

Rosemary looked absolutely stunning! Isn’t her dress divine?

We had so much fun driving around with Rosemary & Andrew and their bridal party in their Fiats, honking like crazy.

Rosemary’s big wish was to eat at Zipang Sushi on her wedding day. I loved how huge she was smiling when we sat down in the restaurant. The sushi was delicious and as you can see, didn’t last long on the plate.

Aren’t Rosemary & Andrew so so cute?

During their first dance Rosemary & Andrew’s guests started going around in circles around them. It was lovely.

When Rosemary & Andrew’s guests clinked glasses to get them to kiss, they spun the wheel to make their guests kiss.

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  • Giovanni

    on September 9, 2011  7:14 pm

    Fantastic work!

  • Brandon Gribelli

    on September 9, 2011  7:16 pm

    Loved the video!

  • Alyssa Carricato

    on September 9, 2011  7:17 pm

    This was a really great day! I'm glad it was captured as beautiful as the day! Well done!!!

  • Cathy

    on September 9, 2011  7:17 pm

    Gorgeous smiles! Great wedding!!!

  • Andy

    on September 9, 2011  7:27 pm

    This is all fantastic! You guys are great.

  • Jocelyn

    on September 9, 2011  7:32 pm

    Rosemary is gorgeous and this was one of the nicest weddings I have ever been to! Wonderful photos as well! :)

  • Tamara

    on September 9, 2011  7:37 pm

    Great video loved the choice in music!!

  • Jennifer

    on September 9, 2011  7:38 pm

    Beautiful photos!

  • Marc

    on September 9, 2011  7:39 pm

    C'est beau l'amour!

  • James

    on September 9, 2011  7:43 pm

    Beautiful photos from what looks like a beautiful day. Especially like the one on the stairs. Congrats R & A!

  • Martin Berthelot

    on September 9, 2011  7:44 pm

    Gold star job! These photos are easily the next best thing to being there, so many of them are very moving. Congratulations!

  • Bronwen

    on September 9, 2011  7:49 pm

    So beautiful! Beautiful couple, beautiful wedding, beautiful photos. It looks like a day worth remembering. Congratulations, both of you.

  • Lori Naccarato-Sarlo

    on September 9, 2011  8:16 pm

    Love Love Love! Beautiful Bride, Handsome Groom and just an all around great wedding! Your pictures captured it all beautifully!

  • John

    on September 9, 2011  8:35 pm


  • Rosanna

    on September 9, 2011  8:53 pm

    Everything was beautiful!

  • Ron Spina

    on September 9, 2011  8:57 pm

    Awesome pix!!! Love the creativity. The shots are very well done. Beautiful couple. Wish you well in your future together.
    Ron Spina

  • Alyson Spina

    on September 9, 2011  8:59 pm

    GUYS....these pictures are INCREDIBLE! Fantastic work. Love y'zboth! -Alyson

  • Marie Spina

    on September 9, 2011  9:01 pm

    Rosemary and Andrew...congratulations to you both. You look wonderful! This work is superb. GREAT pictures! Your photographer is a genius.

  • Nana Emma

    on September 9, 2011  9:06 pm

    Bella nanna! Bocca al lupo, mio cuore. Bellissima!! Bellissimo!! Bravo! Bella! Bello! Buona! Buono! Ho-kay..Ciao.

  • Amber & Tijn

    on September 9, 2011  9:21 pm

    We had so much fun, can you have another one?

  • Antonella

    on September 9, 2011  9:27 pm

    they were a fantastic couple to work for and you have captured every last detail! Especially their love for each other! Yes... let's do it all over again. Cheers

  • katrina francella

    on September 9, 2011  9:42 pm

    Congratulations Rosemary and Andrew! Rosemary, you looked stunning! I wish you guys the best. By the video and pictures it looked like you guys had a fabulous day! All the best :)
    Love Katrina (Alyssa's bestie)

  • Valerie

    on September 9, 2011  9:53 pm

    Absolutely breathtaking! Wishing you a lifetime of love, happiness and health!

  • Deanna Paolucci

    on September 9, 2011  9:57 pm

    Amazing!! You guys have no idea how much I wish I was there!! You two looked amazing as did the entire wedding. Congratulations and thank you so much for these gorgeous photos!!! I have been looking forward to them!!

  • Adrian Colak

    on September 9, 2011  9:57 pm

    This is absolutely fantastic, Congratulations

  • aija

    on September 9, 2011  10:00 pm

    Great day, great memories, GREAT PHOTOS!

  • zia Ida

    on September 9, 2011  10:11 pm

    Beautiful pictures and videos but then again with such beautiful subjects and a talented photographer we could not get anything better than this. congratulations on a job well done.
    Rosinella you were radiant your smiles and happiness shined throughout the whole day. Thank you both for a wonderful day. Love zia Ida

  • Nicole

    on September 9, 2011  10:14 pm

    I'm so happy for you two. These pictures are amazing! Thanks for sharing them with us. Miss you.

  • Anthony T>

    on September 9, 2011  10:16 pm

    A well organized, lovely ceremony. Congratulations to the beautiful couple. Rosy, I have never seen you more happy. Andrew, enjoy every moment with your wonderful new bride. The day was spectacular and magical. Love always, Anthony

  • zia Maria Teresa

    on September 9, 2011  10:23 pm

    siete bellissimi i tuoi occhi splendevano di una luce meravigliosa, rispecchiavano la gioia del tuo cuore E bello vedervi cosi felici e vi auguriamo che la felicita di quel giorno possa essere sempre una costante nella vostra vita futura,

  • D

    on September 9, 2011  10:24 pm

    absolutely beautiful

  • zia Franca

    on September 9, 2011  10:26 pm

    Beautiful pictures for a beautiful couple in a beautiful, unforgetteable day. Love, zia Franca and zio Pino

  • zio Saverio

    on September 9, 2011  11:02 pm

    the pictures are fantastic. you well all very beautiful. .......... but......the only picture of me shows my big butt and my bald spot I am sure there might be another picture of me and Dawn that will show our best sides
    Love always zio Saverio

  • Benjamin Sanders

    on September 10, 2011  1:26 am

    KA-ZAAAM!! Best wedding pics I've ever seen! Wow!

  • Jessica

    on September 10, 2011  3:06 am

    uno spettacolo!!! complimenti!:)

  • Serena

    on September 10, 2011  3:40 am

    video meraviglioso! complimenti ;)

  • Robin Norrie

    on September 10, 2011  5:33 am

    These photos depict an AMAZING day! So much love,laughter and good times. I wish you both a lifetime of the same!! I miss you Andrew. Looking forward to meeting you Rosemary!

  • Aunty Bonnie

    on September 10, 2011  6:20 am

    These wedding photos are creative and beautiful - captures all the love Rosemary and Andrew have for each other, their family and friends. So happy I was there to be a part of it!! Thank you. Love you both.

  • Colleen

    on September 10, 2011  6:24 am

    Beyond beautiful!! You two are the absolute image of love! CONGRATS!! xx

  • Amber

    on September 10, 2011  7:09 am

    The photos are beautiful! Congratulations, Andrew and Rosemary!

  • Isa

    on September 10, 2011  7:11 am

    Ça fait zéro sens combien gorgeous vous êtes! Félicitations, ça d'l'air d'avoir été une vraiment belle journée!

  • Sylvia Arruda

    on September 10, 2011  7:43 am

    SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!!! Congratulations to the both of you!

  • Katherine C

    on September 10, 2011  8:28 am

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple on their most beautiful day. <3

  • Pat

    on September 10, 2011  8:30 am

    A truly unique wedding and unique experience for us all. Thank you for allowing us to share your special day.

  • Zizi Anita & Zizi Kevin

    on September 10, 2011  9:10 am

    May the happiness of your day, so vividly displayed in your beautiful pictures, be with you forever! Thanks for inviting us to be part of your special day!

  • Dan and Emily Kit

    on September 10, 2011  9:36 am

    Andrew and Rosemary:

    The pictures are beautiful. You both look so happy. Looks like it was a great wedding day, and that's only the beginning. Love and best wishes to you both.

  • Laurie Inouye

    on September 10, 2011  11:05 am

    These pictures are beyond delicious! They captured the day, the love and whole essence! BeAUtiFuL!!! We feel so blessed to have been part of such an incredible celebration! Much Love and Light!

  • Anthony Carricato

    on September 10, 2011  1:07 pm

    To Holly and Roger; Thank you for capturing on camera this whimsical day! You did an amazing job! To Andrew and Rosemary; I loved every minute of your wedding day. You guys are the perfect team! I love you both!

  • Julia Dell

    on September 10, 2011  1:11 pm

    Gorgeous photos! Everyone looked amazing! I love the photo where they are standing in front of the "welcome home" sign and the ariel view of them on the stairs. I would love to have a photographer like this for my wedding!

  • Stephen and Jenna

    on September 10, 2011  1:57 pm

    Wow! FANTASTIC PHOTOS! It was a such a fun day, thanks for letting us be a part of it!!!!

  • Stephanie Y.

    on September 10, 2011  2:48 pm

    These pictures are beautiful. You guys look great. Lovely photography.

  • Mercedes

    on September 10, 2011  3:05 pm

    Beautiful photos for a beautiful couple!! The video made me cry, those two songs are perfect

  • Jen Caputo

    on September 10, 2011  3:14 pm

    had so much fun. Love you guys! the pictures are excellent!

  • Christiane

    on September 10, 2011  3:25 pm

    Love, love, love the photos! They are so creative and so appropriate! What a wonderful, happy and whimsical wedding! ;) No more crying here! Je vous aimes! xoxo

  • Tony

    on September 10, 2011  5:03 pm

    Congrats!! Beautiful photos!

  • Kayla Spina

    on September 10, 2011  5:34 pm

    WOW the photos are amazing!! but i mean obviously, because the people in them are all stunning. everything was so wonderful and you guys are so happy it clearly shows through in these photos. CONGRATS MY BABIES!! <3

  • Valerie Gapp

    on September 10, 2011  6:06 pm

    Beautiful photos guys, it looks like the wedding was amazing! Congratulations!

  • Sandra G

    on September 10, 2011  6:25 pm

    Wonderful Day! Congratulations cousins!

  • Lots of love Zizi Lulu & Zizi Tullio

    on September 10, 2011  7:52 pm

    Andrew & Rosemary: There is only one word to describe your entire wedding "SPECTACULAR" beyond belief.... from the church ceremony, to the hospitality, the venue, the menu, the view, and of course all the details, i.e. pins, bonbonnieri, picture taking, gelato bar, busta safe.....all add up to one very memorable celebration. You all looked outstanding and the photos have captured it all!!! We were honoured to be present for this very special day as you begin your long marriage journey.

  • David Race

    on September 10, 2011  8:14 pm

    Amazing night and awesome photos! Loved meeting everyone and sharing your special occasion. Hope you enjoyed Tofino!

  • Qam

    on September 10, 2011  10:17 pm

    Beautiful wedding! wish both of you all the best in your new beginning together!

  • Ashikin

    on September 10, 2011  10:18 pm

    Great photos! Thank you for sharing.

  • Wim

    on September 10, 2011  10:26 pm

    beautiful pictures of an incredible day!!

  • Amy

    on September 10, 2011  10:27 pm

    congratulations! all the best :)

  • phan

    on September 10, 2011  10:51 pm

    photo on the stairs is amazing!!!!

  • heidi

    on September 11, 2011  2:47 am

    AMAZING photos... so sorry we missed the big day. You guys look AWESOME!!!

  • Chris Spina & Shannon Surcess

    on September 11, 2011  6:29 am

    Congratulations to you both! We really wish we could have been there. The photos are amazing, it looks like you all had lots of fun!

  • Terry Beale

    on September 11, 2011  9:57 am

    Such creative photos! My favourites were the impromptu shots that protrayed the relaxed, fun nature of the wedding. Best shot was Rosemary's smile through Donna's facinator.

  • Alex Telka

    on September 11, 2011  1:01 pm

    Really great photos, guys! I think you picked a great photography team and they got some very creative ones that help tie it all together. I've been looking forward to seeing the pics and I agree that they seem to capture the day perfectly for those of us that weren't there with you in Vancouver. Congrats again!

  • Hannah Fitton

    on September 11, 2011  2:09 pm

    wow, beautiful photos! so happy for the two of you!

  • Sandro

    on September 11, 2011  4:37 pm

    Is this where I'm supposed to comment? I don't know my URL

  • Nikki

    on September 11, 2011  6:12 pm

    Wonderful photos - congrats on pulling off such a joyful day.

  • Sarah

    on September 11, 2011  6:29 pm

    Super belles photos!! Felicitations a vous deux!

  • Heather

    on September 11, 2011  6:30 pm

    Beautiful pics. Nice work!

  • Nicole T.

    on September 11, 2011  10:28 pm

    Fantastic pictures! And a beautiful wedding! Congratulations Rosemary and Andrew!!

  • Mary Alice

    on September 12, 2011  5:18 am

    ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! The bride and the groom looked fabulous, the ceremony was lovely and the reception was out of this world fantastic. The pictures capture all the wonderful, whimsical, unique moments of the day. It is only the beginning of your marital both looked so happy and in love and your pictures defintely capture all those moments. I love you both so much, thank you for letting Matthew and I be a part of your wonderful day! xoxo

  • Eleanor Crymble-Shapero

    on September 12, 2011  5:20 am

    I feel like I was there! Gorgeous pictures, wonderful memories.

  • Nav

    on September 12, 2011  5:42 am

    What a celebration of love! Great video and pictures, Rosemary. Thank you for sharing, and congratulations once again!

  • Jenna

    on September 12, 2011  7:33 am


  • Elie Ducharme

    on September 12, 2011  8:02 am

    Great pictures! It looks like you had a wonderful day! So happy for you both.

  • Ryan

    on September 12, 2011  8:14 am

    Amazing photos! Super-impressed by the air Rosemary managed to catch wearing a wedding dress in the 'high school musical' picture!

  • DDG

    on September 12, 2011  8:15 am

    Beautiful wedding!

  • Wendy McConnell

    on September 12, 2011  9:05 am

    What great pictures. How nice to see two people actually enjoying their wedding with laughter, etc.

  • Anon

    on September 12, 2011  9:13 am

    Love the pic of the wedding party jumping for joy!

  • Jeannie Spina

    on September 12, 2011  12:17 pm

    Congratulations Andrew and Rosemary! The pictures are wonderful!

  • Barry and Norma Humphrey

    on September 12, 2011  3:44 pm

    Congratulations Andrew and Rosemary. What a beautiful wedding and the beautiful pictures to remember this special event. Every great moment of that day was captured on film. Have a great life together. ...........Barry and Norma Humphrey

  • Laura Carter

    on September 12, 2011  4:34 pm

    Everyone looked great - but my favourite photo is of Andrew and Adam in the train engineer hats they wore as kids! I laughed out loud! Congratulations to you both, Rosemary and Andrew!

  • Nana Emma

    on September 12, 2011  7:10 pm

    These pictures are so nice, I liked them all!!! Very nice Belle Nana, you looked beautiful!

  • Adam Carricato

    on September 12, 2011  7:18 pm

    Where is the pictures of the escape? haha... I liked the picture of me with the rings, and by far the jumping picture! It was awesome! All these pictures are great, can't wait to see more!!! The photographers were awesome to work with too!

  • Gab Lemieux

    on September 13, 2011  5:52 am

    Wow! Quelle belle journée! Félicitations vous deux! De beaux souvenirs à garder pour toujours! xox

  • Giulia

    on September 13, 2011  8:03 am

    Love the cinquecento's!

  • Geneviève " the Boss" Couillard

    on September 13, 2011  8:59 am

    Vous êtes adorables!! Quelle joie dans vos yeux, toutes mes félicitations! xx

  • lana

    on September 13, 2011  12:48 pm

    I loved the pictures. This was not your "ordinary" wedding and I'm sure you will remember it with a smile!

  • Lisa

    on September 13, 2011  2:57 pm

    Great lighting! Love the sushi pics. Very cute!

  • Pierre

    on September 13, 2011  3:49 pm

    Wow! Quelles belles photos! Félicitations à vous deux!

  • Becky

    on September 13, 2011  7:11 pm

    Oh my gawd, what BEAUTIFUL pictures! I was so happy to have been invited (ahem!). It was so nice to dance with so many people. I wonder why there aren't pictures of me!! I am a SUPERSTAR! How come I am not in the pictures. I even wore my beautiful dress. I came all the way from the Soo in a car, and not one picture? I bet you Desi was behind this! ;)

  • Suzie Cadieux

    on September 13, 2011  8:16 pm

    Adorable couple! Beautiful wedding! Awesome photos! Congratulations Rosemary and Andrew! Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness (and little Page babies!). Hope all is well with you both. Take care!

  • Amelia

    on September 14, 2011  6:29 am

    Yea! Great pics, super happy for both of you. The photographers are right - you can see the love in the pictures. xoxo Meals

  • karen

    on September 14, 2011  3:52 pm

    unique. cute. classic. hilarious. it's all captured!

    now that i found a photographer, i just need to find a guy to marry... ;-)


  • Julie Robinson

    on September 14, 2011  4:34 pm

    Félicitations Rose! Les photos sont superbes! Je te souhaite tout le bonheur du monde!!! XOXOXO

  • André

    on September 14, 2011  7:35 pm

    Quels beaux souvenirs d'une journée spectaculaire et pleine d'amour! Où avez vous trouvez vos photographes? Tellement créatifs, différents et connaissants! Meilleurs voeux à vous deux!

  • Matt Letourneau

    on September 14, 2011  7:51 pm

    Great photo sessions mes amis! Many blessings to you in married life; profitez-en!

  • Shanique Lake

    on September 14, 2011  7:58 pm

    simply beautiful! congrats

  • Ryan Brunton

    on September 14, 2011  8:04 pm

    Sorry I missed it. Looks like you had a great day....especially upset that I missed your mother's hat;) x

  • cousin antonio

    on September 14, 2011  9:28 pm

    The photos came out amazing! Congratulations you guys!

  • andre

    on September 14, 2011  9:29 pm


  • paul

    on September 15, 2011  3:27 am

    Awesome pix! Congrats

  • G

    on September 15, 2011  4:24 am

    Amazing pictures! Félicitations!!!

  • Cristiano

    on September 15, 2011  5:24 am

    Andrew and Rosemary, congrats! Really amazing photos!

  • Louise & Joe Bichler

    on September 15, 2011  6:30 am

    The pictures were just beautiful It was a great day and sorry we had to miss it. Enjoy your life together and all the best in the future.This is the beginning and more to come.
    Louise & Joe

  • Rachelle Charlebois-Ross

    on September 15, 2011  1:33 pm

    Beautiful! Congratulations and best wishes!!

  • Linda

    on September 15, 2011  2:02 pm

    Rosemary and Andrew-it was an honour to be at your amazing was all so perfect and fun! We are still talking about it and it was a great way to end a perfect family holiday...celebrating the start of your amazing lives together. Andrew...still waiting for the dinner :) you know I had to get that in....Can't wait to have you over as a Mr. & Mrs. Lots of love from all of us...Linda Pat Elise and Alex xoxo

  • Leanne Fioravanti

    on September 15, 2011  4:04 pm

    Really great pics!! You guys both looked incredible and super happy. Glad you had an amazing day!

  • Laura

    on September 16, 2011  2:15 am

    I wish I was there! I love you guys so much :)

  • Laurel

    on September 16, 2011  8:52 am

    Beautiful pictures! captures the spirit of the couple

  • Alex

    on September 16, 2011  9:16 am

    The angles are really nice, as is the choice of black/white for some pictures. The "in the crowd" effect is a nice touch.

  • Teodor

    on September 16, 2011  9:18 am

    Really sweet wedding ! Someone must be tickling me because I'm smiling when looking at these pics.

  • Brittany

    on September 16, 2011  11:06 am

    everyone looked beautiful! i love the spinning wheel

  • Olivia

    on September 16, 2011  11:18 am

    congrats to you both!! what a wonderful day it looked like!

  • Natalie

    on September 16, 2011  11:19 am

    you both looked stunning! and the mothers too!! congrats!!

  • Lukas

    on September 16, 2011  11:21 am

    awesome pictures guys! very creative!!

  • Marleena

    on September 16, 2011  1:16 pm

    Happiest couple I`ve ever seen!!

  • Jen

    on September 16, 2011  2:26 pm

    What a beautiful couple! Rosemary - make sure Donna doesn't buy you one of those hats!!

  • Desi

    on September 17, 2011  5:28 am

    Wow, these photos are a stunning, true reflection of the love you share - its so natural. You both look so happy and I can't believe that I missed such a special day - I was certainly there in spirit. I DID NOT have anything to do with Becky being there (if she even was). I wish you guys all the happiness in life and may you always keep eachother as your number 1 in this journey of love. Congradulations, the pictures are so lovely. All my love, Desi xxx

  • Papa`

    on September 17, 2011  10:55 am

    Un giorno veramente favoloso per una coppia nata per essere insieme. I vostri caratteri si complementano ecco perche` il vostro giorno non poteva essere che pieno di coriandoli di sorrisi. I fotografi hanno catturato perfettamente tutte le emozioni sprigionate da un'amplesso di gioia. Auguri....Papa`

  • Maria

    on September 18, 2011  3:13 am


  • Mj

    on September 18, 2011  3:14 am

    E voi siete troppo carini!!!

  • Maria J.

    on September 18, 2011  3:30 am

    E poi è vero... si vede anche dalle foto e anche se non ero lì, c'è una luce tra di voi, che è bellissima!!!
    E poi che carini i nonni, vero?

  • Robert Carricato

    on September 18, 2011  11:15 am

    The wedding mass held in the church felt like we were outside in a very natural setting. The banquet and reception was held in the most stunning scenery anyone would ever imagine for a wedding setting. It was a wedding that will not be forgotten and will always be remembered. No question that it was a perfect wedding for a perfect couple made for each other!!!

  • Zio Tore

    on September 18, 2011  11:15 pm

    ciao sposi your quirky persona made for a very amazing day . seeing you both joyful and efferverscent
    brought joy to my heart this video and pictures brought me back to that day . thank you for sharing a very special day
    Zio Tore

  • Sandra J.

    on September 19, 2011  5:25 am

    Love this video, I watched it a couple of times and always remember the beautiful day we could share with you! Thank you again for this unforgettable day!!! Miss you guys!

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  • Andrew Carricato

    on September 20, 2011  3:03 pm

    Vi ringraziamo per l’invito al vostro matrimonio che ci ha permesso di gioire della bellissima cerimonia e del vostro radioso sorriso. La festa in vostro onore e stata meravigliosa, allietata dalla bella compagnia e sopratutto, dal vostro spirito allegro e giovanile che ha contagiato tutti.
    La conferma e’ nella vostra fantastica sequenza fotografica.
    Vi auguriamo di tutto cuore un futuro ricco d'amore e felicita
    Andrea e Magda.

  • Andrew Carricato

    on September 20, 2011  3:04 pm

    Vi ringraziamo per l’invito al vostro matrimonio che ci ha permesso di gioire della bellissima cerimonia e del vostro radioso sorriso. La festa in vostro onore e stata meravigliosa, allietata dalla bella compagnia e sopratutto, dal vostro spirito allegro e giovanile che ha contagiato tutti. La conferma e’ nella vostra fantastica sequenza fotografica.
    Vi auguriamo di tutto cuore un futuro ricco d'amore e felicita.
    Andrea e Magda.

  • Sarah, a.k.a. "Portia"

    on October 3, 2011  6:54 pm

    What a beautiful day! Together you make one big, amazing family. I will treasure my "Portia" button forever!

  • Annie

    on October 16, 2011  3:55 pm

    Oh Andrew and Rosemary, you two being so happy makes me so happy!
    I loved all the photos of the wedding and you guys always crack me up with the "whimsical humour" that you put into everything. I miss you guys but wish you all the best and hope that you'll keep on being the amazing, fun-loving peeps that you've always been and please keep in touch!

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