Maiha & Michael’s Wedding at St. Frances de Sales Parish & the Hellenic Centre

Maiha & Michael’s wedding at St. Frances de Sales Parish & the Hellenic Centre was so lovely. Their wedding day was the first gorgeous & warm day of the year. Maiha & Michael couldn’t have asked for a prettier day.

Maiha & Michael are so sweet together. We love the way that they look at each other. Michael was so happy when he was getting ready in the morning. He was just beaming with excitement & he had a huge smile on his face all day. Maiha looked incredible in her elegant and classic gown.

When Michael was getting ready in the morning he told me that their wedding day would be the day that we captured an award winning photo of kids. There were so many little kids at their wedding and they were all so cute. When we were editing through the photos we kept on giggling at the photos of the kids. Michael’s niece and nephew were their flower girl and ring bearer and they are so adorable, especially when they were coming down the aisle. At the reception we really enjoyed watching all the kids dancing like crazy with no inhibitions. It was awesome.

The youngest and tiniest child that was at the wedding was Maiha’s 6 day old niece. As I took a photo of the Maiha & her niece I couldn’t help imagine Maiha showing her niece that photo when she was older. Photography really is magical, capturing memories to savour & share later.

All in all, Maiha & Michael’s wedding day was a joyful one that we won’t forget anytime soon.

Congratulations, Maiha & Michael! Thank you so much for sharing such a special day with us.




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