On Sunday night we went to at Zulu Records.  You may remember us talking about the last Playground that we went to where we recorded a song with the Human Statues. This Playground was even more amazing which we didn’t think was possible (since we had so much fun at the last one!). The amazing organizers gathered 120 people in Zulu Records to record a song with Bend Sinister. Somehow they managed to direct all of us (most of us non musicians) to sing and play along with the band even after they plied us all with delicious and free Main Street Pilsner. It was so so so much fun. We sang our hearts out and we’re still buzzing from such an unforgettable night. What made the evening even more fun for us was meeting up with the lovely Miranda & Reilly from Blue Olive Photography there. It cracks me up in the awesome photo booth collage above by Adam & Kev Photography how Reilly & Roger have the same hilarious looks on their faces. We also loved seeing Erin & Corrine from Filosophi there and some of the Side One gang. It was an amazing time and we can’t wait for the next one. You should come too. Go sign up on their site now. You won’t regret it.


There were about 10 people or so playing guitar which was amazing to hearThanks so much to Miranda for taking this photo of me looking pretty excited to have a cymbal to bang on!

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