Adrienne & Paul’s Whimsical Handmade Wedding in Fort Langley

Adrienne & Paul’s whimsical and handmade wedding at the Milner Chapel and Fort Langley Community Hall was absolutely lovely. Everyone pitched in to help Adrienne & Paul create something truly unique for their wedding day. They made everything – from the invitations, the flowers, all the adorable signs at the reception, the napkins, the candle holders and frames (made from pine that Adrienne’s Grandpa had cut down), the ring pillow, garlands all over the hall, the yummy wine and even the napkins!

We loved how Adrienne & Paul reworked wedding traditions to make something just for them. Paul had a best woman, Holly, who is his oldest friend. During their wedding ceremony they passed their wedding rings through the crowd so that each guest could pass their love and blessings on their rings. Isn’t that such a lovely way to include everyone in the ceremony? Adrienne & Paul had bags of lego on every table during the reception and asked the guests to make them something with it to get them to kiss. They also had on the tables framed wedding photos of their family members, honouring all those who have gone before. Instead of limos driving Adrienne & Paul around, they had two¬†super rare and gorgeous vintage cars. Adrienne & Paul’s wedding really was a special day. Be sure to watch the slideshow above to see more of their amazing day.

Adrienne & Paul, you two are so so cute together. We are very happy for you two. Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing such an incredible day with us.