Kathy & Shane’s Engagement Photo Session in Deep Cove

The other evening we met up with Kathy & Shane and their adorable dog, Sadie, for their engagement photo session in Deep Cove. We started the session at their house and Sadie stole the show being her cute and goofy self. We all went for a walk and we so enjoyed seeing how lovely Kathy & Shane are together. They are just so full of joy.

Thank you, Kathy, Shane & Sadie for a great photo session! We really loved spending time with you and we are so looking forward to your wedding in a few short weeks!


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  • Ian Ellison

    on September 11, 2012  3:44 pm

    Awwwwwww... so cute!

    No comment on the choice of hoodie. ;)

  • Dave Santos

    on September 11, 2012  3:47 pm

    great photos! Thanks for sharing!

  • Tracy

    on September 11, 2012  3:50 pm

    Lovely pics!

  • kelsea

    on September 11, 2012  3:56 pm

    Fifth and fourth last are my favorites! You look beautiful!

  • Georgia Kingsley

    on September 11, 2012  4:10 pm

    Love the one where Kathy is looking lovingly at Shane, though his back is to the camera. It just catches the emotion in her eyes and smile so well.

  • Kevin Lucas

    on September 11, 2012  4:26 pm

    Hey you two, get a room.

  • Suzanne

    on September 11, 2012  4:35 pm

    Beautiful couple, beautiful dog, and beautiful pictures!

  • Jill Bush

    on September 11, 2012  4:41 pm

    Great photos! I absolutely love how prominently Sadie featured in your session!

  • Agatha Soful

    on September 11, 2012  5:18 pm

    The two of you make a beautiful couple and I wish nothing but the best for the both of you! May you have a wonderful life together filled with joy, wealth, a lot of love and more happiness than you have ever imagined! Congradulations to both of you on finding the one! Many hugs!!

  • Jennifer Kakita

    on September 11, 2012  5:27 pm

    Gorgeous you two...I mean 3 ! I'm sad to be missing your day. Congrats to you!

  • Jon D

    on September 11, 2012  5:43 pm

    You all look marvelous (all three of you), and so very happy. I can't decide which is my favorite. Congratulations!

  • Sheila & Earl van As

    on September 11, 2012  6:11 pm

    How lovely!!! I love how happy you look together ~ it is so obvious in your smiles! Wishing you both, and Sadie too of course, a wonderful life together filled with tons of joy, adventure, morning cuddles, and much, much love. Congratulations on your new home ~ and soon a new life together "officially." Soon we will get to celebrate your commitment on your special day. Until then.... xoxo

  • rachel l

    on September 11, 2012  6:12 pm

    I love all of the beautiful little details, and most of all, the love and happiness apparent in each other's company. Congrats!!

  • MontiLee

    on September 11, 2012  6:30 pm

    These are lovely - thank you for sharing.

  • Lory

    on September 11, 2012  6:46 pm

    Great photo shoot, though have to admit Sadie steals the show a little!! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to your big day!

  • J-ster

    on September 12, 2012  10:09 am

    Absolutely fabulous!! Hope you can use the same photographer for the wedding! Really great photography showing off a beeeaauuutttiffuulll couple!!! Thanks for posting! :)

  • Julie

    on September 12, 2012  2:05 pm

    Great photos you guys. Looking forward to your wedding day!

  • Tracy

    on September 12, 2012  5:13 pm

    Really good looking couple. All the pictures look great, gonna be hard to pick a favorite. Congratulations you two!

  • Jennifer W

    on September 12, 2012  8:35 pm

    cute doggy! oh, and couple's alright, I guess :)

  • Dan Nienaltowski

    on September 12, 2012  9:21 pm

    Kathy, why do you still look like a college senior?
    But more importantly, why does the dog get all the close-ups?

  • Cindy

    on September 13, 2012  7:05 am

    Beautiful pictures! You are so natural and comfortable together. I thought I could pick my favorite but cannot. Sadie looks like a perfect family member. :)
    Looking forward to the wedding!

  • Lucy

    on September 13, 2012  9:15 am

    What great pictures, looking forward to sharing your special day.

  • Beverley Waskiewich

    on September 13, 2012  10:34 am

    Such beautiful and natural pictures! Wish I could be two places at once and be at your wedding but I have to admit that Nick and I are sure enjoying Kenya! Our thoughts and wishes are with you both on your special day.

  • Kathleen

    on September 13, 2012  9:26 pm

    You two look so good together! The love shows :) Great pics.

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  • Matthew Kingsley

    on September 14, 2012  9:20 pm

    Love the ones at the Lake congrats!

  • Donna Wyatt

    on October 20, 2012  4:11 pm

    What great photos. You can see the love you have for each other in them all, nice to include Sadie too.

  • from Jim & Mary Benvenuti

    on October 22, 2012  4:32 pm


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