14 Things You May Not Know About Us

1. We can’t take our vitamins in the same room. Everytime we try, we get the giggles and one of us chokes/spits out the vitamins. Silly & true.

2. Roger has never been on a payroll. He’s always worked independantly as a photography assistant in the early days and a handyman before we had our business going in full swing.

3. My first career was as a respiratory therapist. I worked in Intensive Care and was on the Code Blue team. I loved that time in my life and I think that experience totally helps me be calm at weddings. I also worked for many years with patients who were terminally ill. Those amazing patients and their families taught me to celebrate every precious moment of this wonderful life.

4. Even after 8  years of shooting weddings, we still get nervous before every wedding. So nervous that we have a hard time eating before hand. Thank goodness for trail mix and smoothies!

5. We have a strict rule of not going out the night before a wedding. We won’t even go out for dinner. We always have a quiet night in, resting up before the wedding so that we can give our clients 110%.

6. We are addicted to Coronation Street. (I’m sure Roger won’t be too pleased that I’m sharing this with you!) We just love the stories and the characters.

7. We are documentary junkies. As with Coronation Street, we just love people’s stories, which is also why we love photographing weddings. A few favourites are Beauty is Embarrassing, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, and A Man Named Pearl.

8. I absolutely love to cook and to bake. Roger loves to make up songs and dance around when he sees what he gets to eat for dinner.

9. We met on the dance floor 10 years ago on British nights at Luvaffair. We’re not even sure if we said anything before we smiled at each other and started making out.

10. We’ve been in the paper in Fiji and in Switzerland. We’re so cool. We were photographed in Fiji for an article about changes to taxes for yachties, which is hilarious. (For the record, we are not yachties). On our trip to Switzerland this summer we got to see Roger’s mom favourite band, Oech’s Die Dritten, a yodeling family. (You’re jealous, I know!) Roger’s mom was so excited that she insisted that the whole family get a picture with the band which made it into the paper. As I said above, we are so cool!

11. We love playing board games but be warned if you ever play with us – we have a very bad habit of making up our own rules.

12. Roger makes me a delicious latte every morning and brings it to me in bed. I’m so lucky!

13. I once went to an ashram in India, hoping to get into a daily yoga habit. It was awful. We did no yoga at the ashram and now I have a fear of anyone dressed head to toe in orange.

14. We are always dreaming and saving up for our next traveling adventure. We just love experiencing new cultures, meeting new people and trying new to us food and drinks.

We hope this post has made you smile. Have a great weekend!


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