Happy New Year! Can you believe it is 2013?

Happy New Year to you! We hope that you all had a wonderful time over the holidays. This year we hosted Christmas dinner for our family and we had such a lovely time. We had Roger’s parents, his sister and her boyfriend and my Dad over for dinner. Years ago we had our gorgeous corner booth custom made but for whatever silly reason we never had a table made to go with the booth. We’d have family and friends over for dinner and we would awkwardly be perched on a too small and too low Ikea table. The totally ridiculous thing is that Roger’s parents are incredibly talented professional furniture makers! When we realized that we really wanted to host Christmas dinner this year we asked Roger’s lovely parents to make our table. They did a beautiful job for us and we are totally thrilled to finally have a proper table. We feel so grown up now and we intend to have lots of dinner parties this year to enjoy it.

But back to Christmas. We loved having everyone over and spoiling them with a yummy meal. Last year was so special with all of us visiting Switzerland together and we are all closer now from having shared that experience. As you can tell from the photos, we all had a great time on Christmas Eve.

We spent the rest of the holidays in our PJs reading, playing games and watching movies. It was so relaxing and a great way to end a wonderful year.

We are very excited about what 2013 will bring. We hope it brings all of you all that your heart desires.


My Dad loves having his picture taken, can’t you tell?

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