Behind the Scenes of our 2013 Wedding Season

wedding photography behind the scenes

We had so much fun putting together our behind the scenes photos from our 2012 season that we just had to do it again for our 2013 wedding season. This time around we’ve also snuck in some photos of a few of the amazing wedding vendors we had the pleasure of working with last year.

All in all, 2013 was another great year for us. We feel so lucky that we get to do this work, helping our clients capture such a special day and getting to revel in their joy. Thank you so much to all of our clients and our colleagues in the wedding industry for all of your support. We are so excited to see what 2014 brings.


signatureRoger getting ready for the ceremony to start

It’s important to pretend smooch during a location scoutlocation scouting

And to watch out for mirrors when you’re shooting!watch out for mirrorsunintentional selfie

I felt the same way as Hina & Nial’s ringbearer when Roger walked into my shot! : )really?Roger always cracks me up when I turn around and he is in some crazy position shooting away like he did here with Kathleen and IanRoger and his awesome movesAnd here with Kiran & Ingmar!

are you supposed to do that?It’s important the our bride’s gown looks just right in photos. Attention to detail is key.
attention to detailUntil I get so wrapped up that I don’t realize I’ve stepped into Roger’s portrait of Janna & Torsten! Oops!oops!Of course, Roger steps in too, like he did here adjusting Leah’s veil.Roger steps in tooRoger is amazing at getting little ones to laugh in family portraitsRoger working his magicAnd there he goes again with Janice’s niece and nephewgetting little kids to smile in photosI loved that I got to sign as a witness for Julia & Matt’s elopement. Here I’m asking Roger if my pose is a good one! getting to sign as a witnessWe had Christine & Brett snuggled up for portraits when I turned around and saw their not exactly romantic view behind us. what our couples seeMe trying to not look bored while Roger tests out our dorky happy faceRoger working out a pose for Lindsay & Mattposing upRoger being hilarious playing with Lindsay’s hair extensionsno not for youHere’s my unintentional photo bomb aka where’s Holly?unintentional photo bomb

Roger was so cute talking photo gear with Matt’s Dad.Matt's Dad talking photo gear with Roger

And wiping up a puddle so that Julia didn’t dirty her gorgeous gownwiping up a puddle

Erin from Filosophi Event Planning is so much fun to work with, as you can see.
Erin from Filosophi EventsAnd so are Cailyn from Delovely Creative & Brent from DJ BFad.Delovely Creative & DJ BFadAnd we love that we got to work with Erica from Filosophi & Jenna from Revel Events. These two are gems. Erica & JennaJayna Marie was so great helping us out with Hina & Nial’s portrait session.Jayna Maria aka assistantWe loved ending our season by spending New Year’s Eve with Allison & Tony & Stephanie from Sweetheart Events Stephanie from Sweetheart Events

Our hilarious assistant, Gaelan, gave a thumbs up to Allison’s gorgeous dress. Gaelan being hilarious