Nadia & Vincent’s Lovely Wedding at Vancouver Christian Assembly

happy in love

natural wedding photography VancouverWhat a lovely day we had with Nadia and Vincent at their wedding at their church, the Vancouver Christian Assembly. These two were overflowing with joy that day which was wonderful to witness. Nadia’s expression when she walked down the aisle holding her husband’s hand said it all. We loved seeing how supported they are by their church community with so many people pitching in to help make Vincent & Nadia’s wedding day special. In particular we were impressed by their friends, Joanna & Sarah, who worked tirelessly as their wedding planners and decorators. Joanna & Sarah, your hard work made Vincent & Nadia’s day go smoothly which helped us to do our job well too. Thank you so much for all that you did!

Vincent & Nadia, thank you so much for sharing your wedding day with us. We are so lucky to have met such kind and fun people as yourselves. We wish you a lifetime of happiness together.





lucky red Ferragamo shoes for the bridebride getting her makeup donebridemsaids opening their giftsgroomsmen helping groom with his tiegroom and his groomsmen putting on their cufflinksportraits of the bride and groomready for door gamesbridesmaids laughing during Chinese door gameseat thiseating some grapes and hoping for no more pushupscalling out his love for his brideseeing his bridetea ceremonybride giving tea to her mothergroom giving tea to his brother in lawmom getting emotional wishing the newlyweds wellbride tearing upprogram and decor at the churchballoon letters and giftsinto her western bridal gownbouquetring bearer and flowergirl stealing the showgroom overwhelmed seeing his bride walk down the aislewalking down the aisle and beamingparents overcome with emotionbridesmaids tearing upchoir singinghappy momssaying their vowsexchanging ringsfirst kiss as husband and wifeblessingpure joy walking down the aisle marriedtossing the bride's bouquetcaught the bouquetnibbles from Savoury Chefcake cutting and toastbridal party photo in Queen Elizabeth parkgroom and his groomsmenbride and her bridesmaids pretty in pastelsVincent and Nadiawedding photography in Queen Elizabeth Parkthe newlywedsbridal party photo with 5 Fiats

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  • Nadia Li

    on October 7, 2014  6:31 pm

    Wow... Thank you Roger and Holly!!!you guys are amazing!!
    I love each pictures that u guys take!!! Many thanks to you!!Mua~~kiss kiss!

    • holly

      on October 8, 2014  4:40 pm

      Thank you so much, Nadia! It was our pleasure working with you and Vincent! xo

  • Joanna Kwok

    on October 8, 2014  2:27 pm

    I love the pictures! Thank you so much Holly and Roger for taking such wonderful pictures of not only the bride and the groom but also the happy smiles of guests and friends.

    I'm glad that I get to see all the lovely shots at the portrait session after the ceremony and I have been waiting for the FIAT pictures that Roger showed me on the camera screen at the end of the day. I love the shots with the FIATs.

    As I mentioned before, we couldn't have asked for a better photography team as part of our first wedding planning experience. Thank you for all your encouragement and suggestions throughout. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the pictures.

    • holly

      on October 8, 2014  4:40 pm

      Thank you, Joanna, for being so on the ball with every little detail. You really are amazing. xo

  • Sarah

    on October 8, 2014  2:31 pm

    The pictures are so beautiful and they captured so much happiness and energy from that day. Can’t wait till we get to see the rest of the pictures! From our first meeting at the coffee shop, I knew Vincent and Nadia found their perfect photographers. Thank you for all the laughs, encouragements, and reminders throughout.

    Truly a day filled with miracles and lots of happiness and love for this couple.

    • holly

      on October 8, 2014  4:40 pm

      Thank you, Sarah, for all of your hard work. xo

  • Shuk

    on October 8, 2014  2:49 pm

    Super fun day! Thanks for capturing the moments!

  • Rebecca

    on October 8, 2014  3:01 pm


  • Louis

    on October 8, 2014  3:01 pm

    Finally!!' Nice pictures :-)

  • Ruby

    on October 8, 2014  3:03 pm

    Beautiful Bride~

  • Sophia

    on October 8, 2014  3:03 pm

    恭喜呀!best wishes~

  • nancy

    on October 8, 2014  3:05 pm

    beautiful pictures.

  • Florence

    on October 8, 2014  3:07 pm

    The photo with the fiats is my fave! Can't wait to see more :).

  • Kayla Wang

    on October 8, 2014  3:08 pm

    Thank you for taking these lovely pictures! You guys are very professional and super passionate about what you do. People are definitely stronger togerther. :)

  • Florence

    on October 8, 2014  3:13 pm

    Congrats again Vincent & Nadia!! Beautiful wedding and lovely photos!

  • Ruby

    on October 8, 2014  3:34 pm

    Wonderful wedding! May god bless you~!

  • holly

    on October 8, 2014  4:39 pm

    You are welcome, Vincent! We're very lucky that we got to share in your wedding day!

  • Noreen

    on October 8, 2014  5:28 pm

    Thanks for sharing. These are great pictures and cannot wait to see more.

  • Daniel Zhou

    on October 8, 2014  5:36 pm

    Great photos. Congrats Vicent and Nadia!!!

  • Junjun

    on October 8, 2014  6:09 pm

    好看好看╮(╯▽╰)╭ so sweet!!

  • Sam

    on October 8, 2014  7:34 pm

    Everyones looking good! Especially me!

    (Nadia you look good too)

  • Mimeng

    on October 8, 2014  7:48 pm


  • Leanne Ao-yeong

    on October 8, 2014  8:37 pm

    Beautiful couple, beautiful pix :)! What a joyous day it was!

  • Yilin Li

    on October 8, 2014  9:01 pm

    finally see ur pics! So bad that I wasn't there.. But nice pics!! Crazy lovely!!

  • Tong Jin

    on October 8, 2014  9:26 pm


  • Micah

    on October 8, 2014  11:19 pm

    beautiful pictures taken by truly professional photographers!

  • Lucy

    on October 9, 2014  12:06 am

    The pictures look amazing... so many happy moments. 新婚快乐!

  • Jasmine Ruan

    on October 9, 2014  5:25 am

    The most lovely and beautiful wedding pictures I have ever seen. 沒有之一!!!!這兩天都看了四篇了都還想再看,特別替你們兩個開心!沒有辦法親臨現場感受你們的幸福真的是一大遺憾。祝福你們!

  • Caleb

    on October 9, 2014  7:23 am

    Awesome!!! Beautiful pictures! Love the FIATs!

  • Bor

    on October 9, 2014  10:10 am

    Awesome photos! Congrats Vincent and Nadia!

  • Leah

    on October 9, 2014  4:04 pm

    Great pictures, we enjoyed each one of them and bring back such fond memories of the lovely wedding!

  • Ellen

    on October 9, 2014  6:55 pm

    The pictures are very beautiful!!

  • Cindy

    on October 9, 2014  10:01 pm

    Love how all the candid moments were captured! :)

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