Break Time With Union Friends: Brent Faddies aka DJBFad

DJ BFad and his recordsWe love this series where we interview our lovely Union Friends. We are always blown away by the passion and incredible talent in the Vancouver wedding industry and we wanted to share these amazing people with you all. So grab yourself a coffee, take a break and enjoy!

Happy Monday, friends! We’re thrilled to introduce to you today our favourite DJ in Vancouver, DJ BFad, aka Brent Faddies. Brent’s love for music is infectious. After our coffee session with him we wanted to run out, buy a record player and start collecting records. We did though have a dance session to the Smiths when we got home! Not only is Brent passionate about music, he’s also a truly lovely guy who is fun to spend time with. Most of all, we love working with Brent because we know he will get everyone on the dance floor having the best time.

Holly & Roger: Why weddings? What do you love about them?

Brent: The party! I love it at the end of the night when the friends, family and coworkers (who haven’t met before the wedding) have their ties around their heads doing shots together and having the best time. That’s why I’m there. I’m in it for the party. Weddings are better than any other party because guests arrive knowing they will have fun. That’s why I enjoy it.

coffee with DJBFadH&R: How did you start DJing?

B: I was DJing weddings for fun on the side while working in an office for a software company. My son had just been born when one afternoon my boss pulled me into his office. He told me that he had unfortunate news for me and I was laid off on the spot due to budget cuts. Security escorted me out of the building, not even letting me clear out my desk. It was brutal. I didn’t go home right away because I was shell shocked. I ended up riding my bike all around the city that day. I finally went home and told Emma and she told me to just DJ at more weddings while I looked for another job. One thing led to another and I ended up never looking for another job. I’ve been DJing full time for 6years now with over 60 weddings last year. Losing my job was a blessing in disguise.

H&R: What is your most memorable/best experience in business?

B: So many! A lot of absolutely insane epic nights on the dance floor but probably the best experience is becoming part of the wedding community in Vancouver, meeting and becoming friends with my couples and some awesome people in the wedding industry. 😉

DJ BFad rocking the weddingH&R: What is your favourite part of a wedding?

B: Grandma dancing to Biggie (!) and also at the end of the night when all the guests are friends. I see everyone arrive being polite and formally introducing themselves, fast forward to the end of the night with their jackets are off and their arms around their new friends. It is a big mass of people that had a great time and that I encouraged with my music. I love that.

wedding dancfloor fun with DJ BFadH&R: What is your best piece of advice for an engaged couple?

B: Get good vendors and everything else will fall into place. Get a good venue, good photographers, a good DJ, and a good planner. Don’t skimp on anything but also don’t sweat the small stuff like embroidered napkins or snazzy place holders. I also tell couples to pick something that suits their character. Don’t have a grand formal wedding if that isn’t your style.

this coffee is th bestH&R: What is the one thing about you that not many people may know?

B: I can’t decide – can I have two?

You remember the first wedding we worked together I got a parking ticket!?! Paying for parking in Vancouver is one of my pet peeves, I never pay if I can avoid it I’m always trying to find a spot for free… also my DJ name was none of my doing – it was given to me to by a co worker at the time, after Britney Spears ex husband K-FED!!

H&R: What is your most prized possession?

B: My music collection. One of the first Christmas presents I remember was music. I still have my first cassette – Rick James “Street Songs”. Just looking at my old cassettes and records bring back so many memories. They are time capsules. Duran Duran “Seven and the Ragged Tiger” was one of my first records. My uncle gave it to me and I was so excited. I still have it; actually I have 5 copies of it on vinyl. I just love that album.

DJ BFad and his record collectionH&R: What was the best decision you ever made?

B: Traveling around Europe when I was 21. It was such an amazing adventure, I ended up living in London where I met my wife Emma, we were married in Havana in a traditional Cuban ceremony, it was all in Spanish (and I don’t speak a word of it) – it was a great day, our group ended up going to a jazz bar to drink mojitos and smoke cigars. We moved to Vancouver over 10 years ago & have loved it here ever since!

H&R: If you could learn one random skill, what would it be?

B: I’m a huge fan of Bruce Lee and old kung fu movies so maybe getting a black belt,

OR…expert survival & zombie killing skills so I’m ready for the zombie apocalypse.

DJBFad and the ClashH&R: What’s inspiring you lately?

B: Music always. I’m obsessed with the Smiths at the minute. I’ve been listening to all of their albums again. I’m always doing that – going back to old favourites and listening to them over and over. Before the Smiths it was reggae then it was the Misfits and before that was Elvis! I don’t have any hobbies other than buying, listening and spinning music.

H&R: If you could trade places with another person for a week, who would it be?

B: I have so many people that I admire. Muhammad Ali in his prime. He had so much talent, confidence and charisma. He was inspirational.


We don’t know about you, but we love Brent even more after doing this interview with him. If you’re looking for a DJ in Vancouver hire him. He really is the best DJ in town.

Thanks, Brent, for taking part in our interview series. It’s always a pleasure seeing you!



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