Behind The Scenes of our 2015 Wedding Season

loving being a wedding photographer

Somehow we missed doing a post of our behind the scenes photos from our 2014 wedding season so we had to make sure we shared our outtakes from our 2015 wedding season. These photos make us laugh so we wanted to share them with you. Being wedding photographers is an incredible job. Sure, we sweat like crazy all day, we skip lunch surviving on trail mix until dinner and we are usually so tired that we can barely talk the next day. Despite all of that we wouldn’t trade this work for anything. It is amazing to capture the big day for our clients and we feel even luckier that we get to do this creative work together. Thumbs up all around.

Thank you so much to all of our lovely clients for sharing your wedding day with us. We’re really excited for the joy and love we’ll get to share in this year too. We’d say pinch us but don’t – if this is all a dream don’t wake us up.






P.S. – Just for giggles here are outtakes from 2013 and 2012.

I love this photo that Roger captured of me talking with Jeanne & Wailliam. I know it is just a test shot but I love the smiles on their faces. We had some fun together on their wedding day.

wedding photographer bts

Did you get the shot, Roger?

behind the scenes wedding photography

Me trying to be as cool as DJ BFad and clearly not winning.

trying to be cool

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, switch! Working with Aaron and Christina’s crazy fun wedding party meant we had to do some rearranging of the groups to make the photo just right. wedding group photoAnd sometimes we end up randomly photobombing each other’s photos. Not sure why I’m looking at Roger and smiling while he’s taking the photo for Grace & Jeff. I promise, though, that I stepped away so he captured one without me lurking in the background.

random photo bombInspecting Sabrina & Ryan’s wedding party making sure everything is just right for their photos.

inspecting the groupBesides wedding photography, we’re also expert bridal gown dress

adjusting the wedding dressSometimes you just have to lie on a log to get just the right angle. Right, Roger?careful

Roger, am I in your shot? Oops! Sorry, Heather & Andrew!wedding photo bomb

Testing some ideas, being goofs and making each other laugh – just a few things that we love about working together. laughing at workCan you see me? I promise Aly & Pat have photos of their wedding ceremony without me photobombing it!

where's the wedding photographerIt’s important when doing a test shot to mimic the pose your clients will be doing like for a tea ceremony…tea ceremony…or family photos! Lol! And don’t be too jealous of my fancy leather fanny test shotWe like to take pictures of each other when we’re testing out photo ideas for wedding portraits. I loved this spot but realized it was a bit too dark for a bride and groom and we didn’t have time on the wedding day to light it.test photo in the fernsAnd we usually have more ideas for photo spots than actually gets used on the wedding day. We’ll just have to save them in the memory bank for next time we’re at the same photographer's lifeMaybe I need to add professional photobombing to my resume. Oops! (Don’t worry, Roger got me to move).oops

Oops again! details

And oops a third time.on the dancefloor

Don’t worry, Roger does it too. Can you see him?

find Roger

Lastly, I had to share a pic of Roger, the child whisperer, working his magic during family photos.

the child whisperer

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