Braidie & Rory’s Joyful Wedding at Hart House Restaurant

Braidie & Rory’s lovely wedding at Hart House Restaurant was one of those days where everyone including us laughed non-stop. From getting ready to the ceremony, the speeches and the surprise Irish dance performance, there was so much joy that our faces hurt the next day from smiling so much (and we’re sure we weren’t the only ones!). It was an absolute pleasure getting to share in an unforgettable day with such amazing people.


Braidie & Rory, thank you so much for hiring us to be your wedding photographers. We loved every minute of your big day and we’re so thrilled for you two. Congratulations!

signatureBCROw-0137 BCROw-0141 bride getting ready at home groom getting ready at the Four Seasons Hotel bride happy with her makeup BCROw-0304 beautiful bridal makeup groom putting on his grandfather's cufflinks tying bowties happy groom BCROw-0563 BCROw-0817 shot of tequila fist pump first look for a bride and groom BCROw-1146 happy together BCROw-1539 wedding party photo at Deer Lake BCROw-1913 BCROw-2027 BCROw-2502 bride and groom photo near Hart House Restaurant BCROw-2638 BCROw-2641 BCROw-2821 happy groom walking down the aisle BCROw-3175 BCROw-3184 BCROw-3204 wedding ceremony on the lawn at Hart House emotional groom watching his bride walk down the aisle emotional father of the bride BCROw-3452 BCROw-3486 BCROw-3507 BCROw-3623 BCROw-3630 BCROw-3647 BCROw-3688 BCROw-3714 BCROw-3758BCROw-3735  BCROw-3783  BCROw-3824 BCROw-3866 BCROw-3896BCROw-3879   BCROw-3978BCROw-3939 BCROw-4002 BCROw-4112 BCROw-4119 BCROw-4217 BCROw-4245 BCROw-4273 BCROw-4288 BCROw-4303 BCROw-4314 BCROw-4339 BCROw-4495 BCROw-4692 BCROw-4732 BCROw-5021BCROw-4930  BCROw-5216 BCROw-5231 BCROw-5232 BCROw-5270 BCROw-5327 BCROw-5440 BCROw-5482 BCROw-5548 BCROw-5604 BCROw-5637 BCROw-5755 BCROw-5766 BCROw-5862 BCROw-5864 BCROw-5989 BCROw-6025BCROw-6131  BCROw-6147 BCROw-6242 BCROw-6333 BCROw-6448 BCROw-6452 BCROw-6507 BCROw-6575 BCROw-6614 BCROw-6835BCROw-6717  BCROw-6996 BCROw-7049 BCROw-7085 BCROw-7089 BCROw-7172BCROw-7148  BCROw-7277 BCROw-7278 BCROw-7345 BCROw-7380 BCROw-7399 BCROw-7414 BCROw-7432 BCROw-7440 BCROw-7478 BCROw-7489 BCROw-7572 BCROw-7633 BCROw-7644 BCROw-7748