Natalie & Chuck’s Lovely Heritage Hall Wedding

bride and groom portrait amoung the poppies

Natalie & Chuck’s wedding at Heritage Hall was a day as delightful as the couple. Natalie & Chuck are so kind, so smart and so so funny and their wedding day was a wonderful reflection of them.  Natalie met us when she was a bridesmaid at a wedding we photographed several years ago and we were touched that she thought of us for her big day. We were thrilled to get to spend their wedding day with them and their lovely family and friends.

Congratulations, Natalie & Chuck! We are so very happy for you two. Thank you for sharing your wedding with us.






Modcloth bridal gowngroomsmen tying their ties bride's blue shoes  groom getting ready groom tying his bowtie champagne toast groom and his groomsmen NRCHw-0265 bride getting her makeup done bride's gift to her bridesmaids urban photo of the groom and his groomsmenbride getting ready  wedding day first look joyNRCHw-0996love and happiness    NRCHw-1021NRCHw-0922NRCHw-1200 NRCHw-1055  NRCHw-1323 NRCHw-1426 NRCHw-1471 NRCHw-1638 NRCHw-1676 NRCHw-1766 NRCHw-1821 NRCHw-1839 Heritage Hall wedding ceremony NRCHw-1893wedding vows NRCHw-1904 NRCHw-1955 NRCHw-1967 NRCHw-2008 NRCHw-2054 NRCHw-2076cheers down the aisle for the newlywedshello to a favourite aunt NRCHw-2151 NRCHw-2160 NRCHw-2174 NRCHw-2376 NRCHw-2394 NRCHw-2431 NRCHw-2499 NRCHw-3010 NRCHw-3198NRCHw-3564 NRCHw-3469 NRCHw-3526  NRCHw-3664NRCHw-3784 NRCHw-3743  NRCHw-3899 NRCHw-3934 NRCHw-3941 NRCHw-3977NRCHw-4193 NRCHw-4125  NRCHw-4229 NRCHw-4235 NRCHw-4256 NRCHw-4286 NRCHw-4321 NRCHw-4329 NRCHw-4332 NRCHw-4382 NRCHw-4576 NRCHw-4605 NRCHw-4647 NRCHw-4684 NRCHw-4696 NRCHw-4698 NRCHw-4721 NRCHw-4734 NRCHw-4749 NRCHw-4784 NRCHw-4844 NRCHw-4942 NRCHw-4960 NRCHw-4981 NRCHw-5029 NRCHw-5082 NRCHw-5095 NRCHw-5121 NRCHw-5150


Wedding Vendor Love:

Day of Coordinator: Umbrella Events

Bride’s dress: Modcloth

Bride’s makeup: Nadia Albano Style Inc

Flowers: Blumen Floral

DJ: Dj Krista

Catering: Fiesta Creative Catering