Don’t Do What We Did – Hire A Professional Photographer

Ok, we know that it is a bit ridiculous but we have to confess that we didn’t hire professional photographers when we got married. (Cue the deep blush on both of our faces). We wanted to elope to Fiji and after talking with our parents ended up having a small wedding in Kauai instead. Keeping in the elopement mindset we wanted our wedding to be simple with minimal fuss. We had some friends at the time who were interested in photography who offered to take our photos. If you ask any wedding professional they will warn you away from working with friends on your big day because it is inevitably rife with problems.  But that is a post for another time.

We wanted to share with you our experience with our engagement session whose photos have never seen the light of day until now. We’re not sharing them now so that we can hear how young and fabulous we looked! Haha! We also don’t want to disparage the friends who took these photos, because with their inexperience they didn’t know any better. What happened during the shoot was that we were given no direction at all which left us feeling awkward. So awkward that we started acting weirdly (must be why I did the tiger roar) or started staring off into space. It is weird having a camera pointed at you and even weirder when the photographers say nothing while they are taking your picture. When we looked at these photos way back when (these were taken 9 years ago now!), all that we could remember was how uncomfortable we felt during the shoot. We filed the photos away and haven’t looked at them again until today. Now that so much time has passed we can see that we have a couple of photos that are keepers but that is it from the whole session.

The session taught us how important it is to talk with our clients while we are photographing them, to give them feedback and most importantly, some gentle direction. We work at getting our couples to relax and have fun during our shoots. Our goal is to have our clients remember how great they felt during their photo shoot and to have a variety of great images that they love. So please, don’t do what we did – hire a professional photographer for your engagement photos and for your wedding day. This is such a special time in your life so get it captured with beautiful photos that you’ll cherish. We promise it’s worth it.






  Nothing awkward here about smooching on the sea wall while families walk by.

Cheesy grin on my face while Roger stares off.awkward engagement photos

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a keeper!

So wish I had some direction here with how to pose my flailing arms and don’t get me started about my legs.

Oh groan!

Roger is looking great and me, not so much.