A Look Behind the Scenes of our 2016 Wedding Season

We were putting together our outtakes of our 2016 wedding season and we realized we should share why we take such dorky pictures of each other. A before and after, if you will, of some of our favourite pictures from last year.

For every wedding and engagement portrait shoot we head out to scout locations. There are many variables as to why we choose certain spots for our photos. We look for locations that include backgrounds our clients will like, that aren’t out of the way for driving from the ceremony to the reception, that are easy for limos to maneuver/park, that aren’t too far to walk wearing high heels, that have lighting that we can work with, and most importantly that inspire us.  We scout at the same time day as we’ll be shooting on the wedding day and we bring along a camera to help warm up our eyes and our brains to different ideas.

We hope this gives you a bit of an understanding of our approach to the posed part of the wedding day.







Here I am telling Roger that this spot with the pretty trees would be perfect for Liz & Alex’s engagement photos in Stanley Park. (That’s my “look how pretty this is, Roger” face!)

before and after location scout and portrait

Squinty eyes and terrible posture in the test shot for Andrea & Jack and their lovely wedding party.Location scout and photo with clients

Andrea & Jack definitely did this photo better. Lol!

wedding photography prep

And sometimes with a slight change in time we end up with even better lighting than our test shot. Win win!!!

Trying to be as cool as Jack and his groomsmen and failing.who did it better

Clearly I need to do more test shots with Roger in them!west vancouver engagement shoot prep

Sometimes our test shots are just the beginning of an idea like this portrait of Julia & Ben at Whytecliff Park. how we work

And sometimes taking a test shot that we don’t like leads to an idea of another better image.

We loved working around the shipyards in North Vancouver on Julia & Ben’s wedding day.

Much better photo with Julia & Ben in it, don’t you think?

For Natalie and Chuck we wanted a location that was a little bit different with lots of cover in case it rained. (Don’t you just love her dress?)

We always try to get a bunch of different looks from one location to make things easier for our couples.

We stumbled upon this field of poppies and had our fingers crossed that the weather would cooperate so we could photograph Natalie and Chuck in this prettiness.

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